Little change in Edmonds mayoral, school board races in second day of results

There wasn’t much change in the Edmonds mayoral race after the second day of results were released by the Snohomish County Elections Office Wednesday, Aug. 7.

Edmonds City Councilmember Mike Nelson continued to garner 44% of the vote (3,613 votes) an increase of nearly 300 votes since Tuesday. Opponent Neil Tibbott had 2,425 votes, receiving just over 200 votes since Tuesday, for 29%.

The top two vote getters in all primary races will advance to the general election in November. Vote counts will be updated daily as more mail-in ballots are received by the county elections office.

The primary election will be certified by the county Aug. 20.

Nelson and Tibbott led a group of four primary candidates that included Edmonds City Councilmember and former transportation planner Kristiana Johnson and City of Edmonds Planner Brad Shipley. In Wednesday’s count, Johnson and Shipley also gained votes but their percentage of the total vote remained the nearly the same — Johnson has 16 percent while Shipley has 11 percent.

Two-term Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling is not seeking re-election.

Updated primary results were also released Wednesday for Edmonds School Board of Directors Position 3 and 5 candidates. As of Wednesday night, Position 3 incumbent Gary Noble continued to be the top vote getter with 46%. Challenger Rory Graves has a slight lead — 21% vs. 20% — over Jennifer Cail for the second spot on the Position 3 ballot.

In Position 5 — an open seat because current School Board member Diana White is not seeking re-election — Nancy Katims still leads the field of five candidates with 53% of the vote, and opponent Lisa Hunnewell is maintaining her second-place finish with 22%.

Primary results reported as of Aug. 7, 2019

City of Edmonds Mayor

8,399 ballots, 30,557 registered voters, turnout 27.49%

Mike Nelson 3613 43.45%

Neil Tibbott 2425 29.16%

Brad Shipley 951 11.44%

Kristiana Johnson 1309 15.74%

~ ~ ~ ~

Edmonds School District 15 Director 

20,812 ballots, 104,753 registered voters, turnout 19.87%

District 3

Gary Noble 8820 45.59%

Jennifer Cail 3829 19.79%

Boe Lindgren 990 5.12%

Mary Schultz 1627 8.41%

Rory Graves 4001 20.68%

Write-in 78 0.40%

District 5 

20,812 ballots, 104,753 registered voters, turnout 19.87%

Lisa Hunnewell 4143 22.36%

Rina Maile Redrup 2702 14.58%

D.P (Casey) Auve III 1684 9.09%

Nancy Katims 9906 53.45%

Write-in 97 0.52%


2 Replies to “Little change in Edmonds mayoral, school board races in second day of results”

  1. Looks like it will be a Nelson/Tibbott race in the Fall. I think I will hang onto my Shipley for Mayor sign for him to use again down the road. I think the city is missing a great opportunity to have new thinking at the top regarding our coming problems with growth, parking and keeping Edmonds at least somewhat livable compared to some areas around us. I hope whichever candidate wins, will embrace Brad as an ally and not a vanquished opponent as one might expect in our over polarized political environment in general. Much mud will soon be slung, probably in both directions, but I plan to be positive about whichever one wins as long as he appears to me to be operating in the best long term interests of the city we all love.


  2. I also hope that the campaign can be about what the city needs. I looked at a long list of needed public works projects which can’t be ignored forever. Making hard choices will be part of the job. I heard good ideas from the candidates. Let’s put them to the test.
    Adding new personnel is very expensive. The salary quoted does not include the almost 35% more which is added to the cost from benefits like health care and pensions. Let’s use the expertise we already have. Sometimes consultants make sense.
    It’s hard work to run a city well. Let’s vote for the one to do the job.


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