Lynnwood woman arrested in child luring incident outside Edmonds Yacht Club

Edmonds police Sunday night arrested a 59-year-old Lynnwood woman and booked her into Snohomish County Jail after a witness reported she attempted to lure a 4-year-old child away from an event at the Edmonds Yacht Club

According to Edmonds police spokesman Sgt. Josh McClure responding officers were able to locate the suspect in a vehicle not far from the location. She was detained along with two other people while officers investigated the incident. The suspect was ultimately arrested for child luring and booked into jail, McClure said.

The incident unfolded around 8:45 p.m. Sunday as the 4-year-old female victim was playing outside on the patio and boardwalk area that runs along the west side of the yacht club.

“Family members and witnesses reported that the suspect was seen taking photos of the child,” McClure said. “The child also told adults that the suspect had tried to get the victim to leave with her.”

The suspect reportedly made comments that upset the child in an effort to lure her from the location, McClure said. “Upon being confronted by adults, the suspect and her associates quickly left the area but were located by officers a short time later,” he added.

The suspect would not speak with investigating officers. Evidence recovered from the suspect included a camera with apparent photos of the victim.

“The suspect’s associates were positively identified but were released from the scene after the initial investigation. “Their involvement will be further examined,” McClure said.

The suspect’s vehicle is a white 2016 Dodge Ram 1500. Edmonds police would like anyone who may have had an interaction “of concern” with a similar vehicle to contact their local law enforcement agency.

Edmonds police detectives will continue to investigate this incident and will work with regional law enforcement to share information. If you have any information, call the Edmonds police tip line at 425-771-0212 or


4 Replies to “Lynnwood woman arrested in child luring incident outside Edmonds Yacht Club”

    1. I expect Teresa will identify the suspect(s) after they have been charged with a crime. That’s the way it’s done in responsible journalism.


  1. The laws needs to be changed if we can’t hold a person and there associates for attempting to abduct a child for longer period of time than initial Q & A interview and arrest? This is disgusting, and scary.

    I am guessing these people are most likely long gone by now and crossed state lines to avoid local investigations. Driving a Brand New Pickup truck interesting. Good Job by Edmonds Police getting info and tracking them down. Be nice to look into there cell records see who they where sending pictures of this child to? These people are the Scum of the Earth!

    I appreciate the information MEN, not going to lie it ruined my day if not year, but it’s invaluable information. Very troubling.


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