Meet a mermaid this weekend — really

Mermaid Orla playing her harp at Brackett’s Landing. (Photos courtesy Salish Sea Sirens website)

You will believe in sea goddesses on Sunday, Aug. 18, when three colorful mermaids emerge from the sea at Brackett’s Landing in Edmonds, to enthrall mere mortals with music, song and a marine treasure hunt for kids.

Set from noon-3 p.m., this Meet the Mermaids performance is brought to you by the Salish Sea Sirens, a “pod” of three Edmonds-area women.

Pod members are: Linyenea (Jillian, 32) a freediver who plays the drums and sings; Synfonia (Shae, 30), a flutist and vocalist; and Orla (Jenisa Barr, 31) also known as the Gold Mermaid, who serenades with a harp and singing.

The trio got into mermaiding through a meet-up group sponsored by an organization called the Seattle Mermaids.

Mermaids, from left, Synfonia, Orla and Linyenea.

“We were all part of this pod of tail wearers,” said Barr. “It’s such a fun social group. We meet at a Bellevue pool to swim and do tricks.” They also performed at different events and made an appearance for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The three women got to be friends and, since they all live close to Edmonds, decided to open their own mermaid business in January.

“We’re just getting started but we’ve had some appearances at Brackett’s Landing, in and out of the water,” said Barr.

They’re available to perform kids’ birthday parties, weddings, even retirement celebrations, wherever people are gathered and would like a sea goddess sighting. In addition, they offer photo sessions and occasional classes for those who want to try a tail. The also make and sell accessories such as crowns, hairpins and fabric tails.

The mermaid look is a kind of a sultry wetsuit: Sheathed in neoprene from midriff to ankle, the costumes have strategically placed shells up top and a monofin at the bottom. “Our land outfits are the shell tops with a long shirt,” said Barr.

Mermaid Linyenea.

No question they’re a conversation starter. At their appearances, Barr said that guys often seem a bit befuddled by the sirens. “They’re weirded out I guess,” she laughed. “Kids and women come right up to us and say, ‘That’s so cool!’ The thing kids say the most is, ‘I want a tail like that.’”

In addition to being cool, mermaids also benefit from strenuous workouts. “It’s a great core exercise,” said Barr, “and it burns calories.”

This Sunday, the sirens will present a musical performance, pose for photos and kids can take part in a no-touch treasure hunt. “It’s a low tide so they can look for things like sea stars and barnacles,” said Barr.

With such a narrow window for mermaid sightings this weekend, be sure to catch a glimpse while you can, before they slide beneath the waves, siren songs fading among the watery grottos of Brackett’s Landing.

— By Connie McDougall

6 Replies to “Meet a mermaid this weekend — really”

  1. I told my husband about this and he started laughing saying that “they’re sirens, of course you want to go, that’s exactly what they want you to do!” We had a good chuckle about that. See you there!


  2. Glad to see more mermaids joining the wife and I in Edmonds. We were getting lonely pirating and swimming out here alone…


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