J. Michael Kelly wins Seafair as Shane is penalized; Edmonds boat 3rd

Graham Trucking with the Boitano cowling (Photo by David Newton)

J. Michael Kelly was determined the winner of Sunday’s HomeStreet Bank Cup after a penalty of his Graham Trucking hydroplane was reversed and an hour after the trophies had been awarded.

As fans left the Lake Washington race course, they were all under the impression that Jimmy Shane had won in his Miss HomeStreet. They were told that a penalty had been called on Kelly, whose boat had been dropped to sixth place. Kelly filed a protest that he hadn’t driven under the 80 mph limit. That penalty was removed, and Kelly was put back to second place. However, during the review the officials noticed that Shane had violated the rule and he was now given the penalty, moving him to sixth and Kelly to first.

Despite all the confusion, it was an excellent day for racing, with sunny skies and temperature in the mid 80s. The racing was also quite interesting, except for the penalties. No matter which of the two leaders got a penalty, second place went to Andrew Tate with the Delta RealTrac. Edmonds-based J&D’s presented by Reliable Diamond Tool finished a season-best third followed by Jeff Bernard on the Oberto. Fifth was Corey Peabody in the Graham Trucking II, followed by the penalized Shane and Brian Perkins in the Miss Rock, who was also penalized.

J &D’s at Seafair Sunday. (Photo courtesy U11 Racing Group)

Kelly almost didn’t make the final as the engine cowling of his hydroplane flew off and got lodged in his horizontal wing during the last of the preliminary heats. The cowling was damaged beyond repair and the only option appeared to be to go to their shop in Milton to bring back a spare. That seemed an impossible task, given the hour time fame they had. A miracle cure then came. The Boitano Homes, which was done for the day, had been a near identical sister ship to the Graham when it was first run as Miss Budweiser hydroplane 15 years ago. Boitano would lend the Graham its cowling for the final. All needed to do so was to re-work the latches. The Graham Trucking ran the final with the Boitano Homes engine cowling. A win-win for the two teams.

Our Edmonds hydroplane, owned by Scott and Shannon Raney with new driver Jamie Nilsen, had an excellent day. It won its first heat of the day and was second in the next. That was followed by an excellent run in the final. Looks like crew chief Scott Raney has solved the fuel system issues and Nilsen is getting more comfortable in the boat.

Eric Peterson racing in the J-Stock J&D’s. (Photo courtesy U11 Racing Group)

In the kids J-Stock hydros, Eric Peterson driving the boat aided by the J&D’s crew, won the race. As we reported earlier, J-Stock hydros are designed as beginner boats for young people ages 9-16 to learn boat racing skills. In Seattle, most of these small boats have been adopted by the unlimited teams and are paired up in the same paint and color schemes.

– By Harry Gatjens



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  1. Great day for Jamie and the 11, especially after the disappointment of last week. Think this is a winning combination!


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