Recommended reads: ‘The Darkest Gateway’ a quirky, edgy paranormal romance

The Darkest Gateway by Jeri Westerson

Welcome to the fourth book in The Booke of the Hidden Series. Author Jeri Westerson invites you on an adventure through The Darkest Gateway. In this paranormal romance series, the protagonist is Kylie. She is torn whether to accept the challenge before her. If she does, this treacherous quest could cost her the highest price of her life. What you need to know about the Booke of the Hidden is that it exhibits a vicious element of surprise. You never know what can come out of it, or when. Some wonder if the Booke takes pleasure in creating chaos.

In this series you’ll be treated to action scenes that seamlessly incorporate practical magic with such flair you can’t help but be impressed. The magic system developed is comprehensive and also fascinating reading. The challenges faced are creative and exciting. This paranormal romance is very entertaining, and at the same time humorous and ultimately revealing of human nature. The characters of Moody Bog are intriguing and filled with humor, as the town is populated with people, witches, demons, and more. It’s a series that will cast its spell over you as you travel deeper and deeper into untold danger. As Kylie says, “There was no instruction manual for this.”

This quirky-humorous and edgy-romantic urban fantasy set in a small town in Maine is full of the unexpected at every turn. These characters will tickle your sense of humor. The thoughtful plot will keep you spellbound as devilish powers are confronted. You’ll need to hang on tight while this roller coaster of suspense propels you.

Jeri Westerson is a true genre jumper, consistently creative and and an entertaining author. She is the author of 12 Crispin Guest Medieval Noir novels, a series nominated for 13 national awards. She has this paranormal romance series, and the last in this exciting series is expected to release in October. She’s also authored historical novels and LGBT mysteries, and has an upcoming Steampunk series as well as many short stories. In addition, the author frequently guest lectures on medieval history at southern California colleges and museums.

Learn more about the Western at her websites and And hear more from her on A Novel Talk with Jeri Westerson, co-hosted by Wendy Kendall and Carl Lee on YouTube.

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