Scene in Edmonds: What a catch

Edmonds City Council President Adrienne Fraley-Monillas shared this photo of her son Dominick Monillas with his Tuesday catch from the Edmonds Fishing Pier — a 19-lb. salmon. This is the second big fish snagged in the past two weeks, she said, adding that he caught a 14-pounder in late July.

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  1. Dom and my son Daren have a big softball tournament this weekend. I hope Dom has energy left for the games after landing that big salmon.


  2. This is a great success story for Edmonds. Great ideas include: Public Fishing Pier, Salmon frequent the area, second big fish in past two weeks not clear if the second fish referenced is the 14 pounder he got in late July. Bottom line is this is good for Edmonds no matter how we look at it.

    Not being a fish identity expert or a fish reporting export, I would be curious to know what type of salmon is it and was it a hatchery fish or wild? If hatchery do we know if it came from our local hatchery or somewhere else. Is there a reporting process to report the details of salmon caught to help us understand more about our various salmon runs?

    We have decided to “restore the Marsh” and “daylight the creek” How will those efforts provide more fish for our folks using the Fishing Pier? It would be interesting to see if events like these will increase with our planned efforts. Great “snag”?


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