What would you like to see in our mayoral (and city council) coverage?

Dear readers:

I’m interested in knowing what would help readers make their choice for mayor and how My Edmonds News can help.

There are some group candidate forums and meet-and-greets with both mayoral and city council candidates on the schedule, starting after Labor Day — sponsored by the Edmonds Neighborhood Action Coalition (ENAC) and Indivisible Edmonds, Alliance of Citizens for Edmonds (ACE) and the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce.

Would you like to see another mayoral debate? What about some Facebook Live interviews with the candidates where you can submit questions? Candidate coffees? One-on-one video interviews?

In addition to mayoral candidates, what would be helpful to you — as a voter — for deciding on city council races?

We are happy to reach out and ask the candidates if they are willing to participate in these types of events if you think they would be of value — and we have the technology and track record to do them.

Please reply below, email me directly or both!

— Teresa Wippel, publisher

5 Replies to “What would you like to see in our mayoral (and city council) coverage?”

  1. As I already responded in the “Nelson leads Tibbott” thread, I think it would be a good idea to get some written position statements from the candidates on the subjects I referenced there. MEN and The Beacon are the perfect place for people to really be able to study and ponder what the candidates have to say, minus the usual election rally and meet and greet “say it and forget it after the election” rhetoric of what they perceive the voters want to hear at any given event. I think debates tend to become entertainment events as much or more than the actual opportunity for dissemination of information. That said I have no objection to the debate format as a way for the candidates to support and defend their prior written viewpoints.

    Thanks for all you do, Teresa, to help make our democratic process work better for all. Sunlight is a beautiful thing and all too often the last thing power brokers really want.


  2. We learned a lot from the two debates. It would be helpful to see the two candidates debate, one on one, which would allow them to expand on why one’s plans and ideas would be better for Edmonds than the opponent’s.


  3. I’d like to see two or more candidate forums where voters are allowed to ask questions directly of the candidates, with video of the forums available online. I’d sure like to hear specifics about what the candidates propose to do with our City and our money. I’d also like to see candidates answer a questionnaire about subsidizing density with tax forgiveness programs (the so-called MFTE program), controlling spending and tax increases, and what if any homeless programs they want to provide.


    1. I agree voters need opportunities to ask their own questions directly to candidates. It’s pretty easy to set up a microphone in the middle aisle and have people line up to ask a question, one by one.

      The November election is even more important than the August primary because 4 city council races are also on the ballot. Three incumbent councilmembers are not seeking re-election, so at a minimum there will be 3 new people on city council ~ choose wisely.


    2. Certainly agree with your topics. Would include how much tax money candidates would think we should set aside for a rainy day. What would be an acceptable rate of growth in population for Edmonds, and why would we want more traffic and more housing. Also their thoughts on keeping the height limites of buildings the same in Edmonds.


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