EPIC Poetry Group: Poet’s Corner — Advent, Rumbling, Masquerade

Here is the latest installment of Poet’s Corner, presented by the Edmonds-based EPIC Poetry Group.


A new day is rapidly cresting the horizon.

Its arrival induces mindful epiphanies,
boldly altering our habits of seeing, understanding, believing.

The ascension of music, expressed by voices previously stifled and
unjustly silenced, opens deaf ears.

The appearance of celestial illumination
separates veils, dispels shadows.

A delegation is forging a previously untraversed path of righteousness,
the advent of a solitary journey
where deep calls to deep across the universe.

Wanderers, once labeled immigrants, now anticipate
the arrival of restoration,
the opening of gates to liberation, and
a renewed spirit of enlightenment to
pursuit their long awaited homecoming.

Donna Rudiger

~ ~ ~ ~


I still hear it…
21stcentury technology hasn’t deafened my senses.
I feel the vibrations pulsing heavenward
from the core of the earth.
The world may be spinning off course, but
my grounding is sure.

Fear is the root of suffering I feel rumbling in the world.
Wisdom and love
prevent my soul from crumbling under
the weight of adversity enveloping me.
Anger and hatred
pressure my mental acuity,
spawning my mumbling and grumbling.
Ridicule and animosity
disrupt the stability of all living entities,
while the Holy ones comfort the saints
with angelic harps strumming.

Can acceptance and tolerance
transmute my consciousness
to keep my psyche from crumbling?

Repetitive cycles of gain and loss are
complementary companions amplifying
personal and cultural holocausts.
The undoing of one aspect of life
becomes the catalyst of
transformation for the next.
The volatile tsunami of changes in my world
forces surrender to the parts of myself
I’ve disowned for too long.
I’m living in a revelationary time!

Donna Rudiger

~ ~ ~ ~


an insidious invader
trespassing in the holy temple of my body.
unexpected, unwanted, uninvited,
unforeseen, unrelenting,

I surrender to temporary confinement,
curious about cause, outcome, cure.
practicing unwavering resistance to defeat.
divine discontent facilitates
wakefulness to the world.
a new definition of ‘normal’.
insolent infirmity!

I wonder, anticipate, investigate,
and while not omniscient,
trust the blessing to manifest,
benefits will emerge,
ferociously believing for the
of a restored temple.

an unpredictable visitation by an illness masquerading

as a vulture circling overhead, waiting to feast
on the carrion of my doubt,

as a cheerleader inciting me to explore
a unique opportunity for creativity,

as a teacher holding court on
the nuances of
joy and healing soon to come!

Donna Rudiger

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Donna Rudiger began writing during her adolescent years growing up in Pennsylvania and migrated to the Pacific Northwest in 1974 to study wildlife photography and wilderness living. She is an award-winning poet, a recent graduate of the Institute for Children’s Literature, an active member of numerous writing and storytelling groups in the Seattle area.  She is a retired technical writer and lives among the wildlife in the woods of Arlington. You can contact her at donna.beamer66@gmail.com

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The EPIC Poetry Group has been in existence for four years. It is open to the members of the public (free of charge) who are interested expressing and improving their poetry writing skills. The group meets the second Tuesday of the month at the Edmonds Library from 6-7:45 p.m..


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