EPIC Poetry Group: Poet’s Corner — Arising, Rite of Passage

Here is the latest installment of Poet’s Corner, presented by the Edmonds-based EPIC Poetry Group.


In a vast field, pinwheels spin in glory at dawn —

or maybe they are sunflowers, these bright starbursts
arising this morning to shine
and sing a wind caressed song

No matter

In a swoosh of terrestrial breath

their star pointed wings set in circular motion
become blurred wheels of light

Amassed, their spine-stems pipe tall and saluting,

their faces open in service to
the sky, glistening gold against the horizon
carrying breath through open bodies
and floating like a heaven of halos lit with purpose

How does devotion arise in one’s heart?

Can you catch it in you long enough to turn you?

No longer sunflower
No longer pinwheel

Only the breeze and blazing fire taken hold in you

Rosa Singer

~ ~ ~ ~

Rite of Passage

Let it be known

I paddle rivers
and I unlock doors

Dark waters do not scare me
and neither does a dark room

The rapids did not kill me
I plunged into the pool

I turned the knob, I entered,
when there was nothing left

Now river rocks rattle in my heart
and lighting sings in my chest

I have made friends with myself.

Rosa Singer

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rosa Singer is an interdisciplinary artist — a poet, performance poet, vocalist, instrumentalist and songwriter — who is captivated by artistry as a vehicle for building human connection, engaging with the heart of our joys and struggles and reclaiming our voices in the face of adversity. Writing poetry was transformative and became her beloved path for survival while she waited several years for a life-saving lung transplant, which she has since received. She offers her poetry in gratitude for the gift of life. She is a member of the EPIC Poetry Group in Edmonds.

~ ~ ~ ~

The EPIC Poetry Group has been in existence for four years. It is open to the members of the public (free of charge) who are interested expressing and improving their poetry writing skills. The group meets the second Tuesday of the month at the Edmonds Library from 6-7:45 p.m..






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  1. Rosa is a gifted poet whose words soar with the wind choosing to land gracefully in the hearts and minds of all who listen.


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