Letter to the editor: Alicia Crank walks the talk


Why I am voting for Alicia Crank for Edmonds City Council:  She walks the talk.

Alicia knows that a healthy community supports all its members, and she is willing to be a realist about how to serve everyone. She gave up a life in wealth management banking in order to walk the talk of community service.  She works for the YWCA, recruiting sponsors, empowering underserved families, putting on special events to get people together.  She serves on multiple committees in Edmonds. In each one of her areas of responsibility she needs to fundraise and budget for successful implementation.

Alicia’s background as a banker in California, a YWCA program manager, and on multiple commissions and boards in Edmonds and Snohomish County has given her the knowledge and experience to evaluate many ideas and proposals and objectively find a workable solution. In fact, she is on a few boards at the same time, and can differentiate between varying needs and keep track of multiple resources and programs.

Alicia recognizes that there are over 40,000 Edmonds residents and we are all paying high property taxes. She also knows that a vibrant downtown area adds income to the city and helps keep our property taxes down. And she knows that Edmonds’ small town feel can be preserved especially when we make everyone feel welcome, whether they are getting on the ferry or just dropping down into the Bowl to play on the beach or go to the movies

My family has lived in Edmonds for 21 years, by Westgate for the first seven and on what I call the chipped rim of the Bowl for 14 years. Before we moved down the hill I took my family into town to get on the ferry, buy books and for Halloween. It seemed like a charming tourist destination, not a place where I wanted to do regular shopping or socializing. It still seems that way.  I volunteered a lot in the Edmonds School District, and downtown Edmonds is not a place that reflects the lives of so many of the district’s students and their families. I notice more cars parked at the Methodist Church every Tuesday for the Food Bank, see homeless people living in vans and staying at the emergency shelter. This is our reality, and we need to work to involve all our citizens in caring for each other.

I agree with Alicia that ADUs are a necessary component of a community where people can live more affordably. They would also provide more property tax income to the city. Many parts of the city have very large lot sizes which could easily accommodate an ADU. I think Alicia is right that Edmonds needs a communications manager to make sure we all hear about issues that affect us, in a timely manner.

Edmonds needs people in its government who have experience getting things done the right way. Alicia Crank is the best choice to fulfill that need.

Linda Hood

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