Letter to the editor: Doorbelling thank you


I have recently been doorbelling for two outstanding city council candidates, Susan Paine and Nate Monroe. This piece is not about how wonderful and well-qualified they both are (they are), but about how warmly and kindly my Edmonds’ neighbors have received me when I ring their doorbells. This so captures what Edmonds is all about: kindness and respect for our neighbors and fellow Edmonds’ citizens. I have seen lots of smiles and many have thanked me for being involved and helping to inform people about upcoming elections.

It can be bothersome or perhaps even scary to open your door to a stranger (and also stressful for those doing the doorbell ringing), but I have been struck by how respectful and willing to listen everyone has been. I have met some wonderful new acquaintances and some terrific dogs. In fact, there are many more dogs in Edmonds than I ever suspected. We are truly an animal-loving city!

Elections can be contentious, but we in Edmonds seem to understand that the free and respectful exchange of different ideas, policies and opinions is a good thing and one to be protected.

Having done this outreach to neighbors has let me know what a truly friendly and amazing city Edmonds is. I am so truly glad that I live here.

Lynne Chelius

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