Letter to the editor: Why I support Vivian Olson for Edmonds City Council


I’m endorsing Vivian Olson for City Council Position 5.

I met Vivian when she became a member of Edmonds City Tree Board and have served with her for four years.

She has proven to be a staunch supporter of our Edmonds Tree Canopy survival.

When the Tree Board is considering new projects, Vivian always reminds us of areas in the city that haven’t had a project. She looks out for all areas of Edmonds.

Vivian is very active in our city and is always working to make Edmonds a great place to live, work and play. In her 18 years of living in Edmonds Vivian has not only served on the Tree Board but also the Edmonds Library Board, Art Festival Board and Edmonds School District. She is a Waste Warrior for The Taste of Edmonds, making sure the environment is considered.

With her energy, enthusiasm and willingness to work hard for Edmonds, Vivian will be a terrific member of the council.

Please vote for Vivian for City Council Position #5.

Doug Petersen
Edmonds Tree Board

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