Scene nearby: Edmonds residents among those participating in climate ‘die-in’

Members of Edmonds-based Interfaith Climate Action were among a group of nearly 300 people participating Friday in a Climate Strike “Die-In” outside the Snohomish County Administration Building in Everett.

“The courthouse bell tolled at noon and people lay down, many with signs indicating how they were killed due to a climate event,” said Gayle Leberg of Interfaith Climate Action, which includes members from Edmonds United Methodist, Holy Rosary and Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation.
According to participants, the die-in lasted 11 minutes, representing the 11 years scientists say major action must be taken to address climate change before it will be too late.
The event was held to support the global Youth Climate Strike.

4 Replies to “Scene nearby: Edmonds residents among those participating in climate ‘die-in’”

    1. I question whether a blog provides as reliable a view as peer-reviewed science. I am certainly no climate scientist, but aside from an overwhelming large majority of those who are qualified warning us, there are two further issues: galloping pollution of almost everything; and the thought that if well-qualified persons tell you a dangerous corner is coming up, the wise person pays attention.

      It might be more to the point to wonder why a handful of people are “so anxiety-ridden and desperate” to deny what scientists are telling us. Could it be along with the human tendency not to want to face difficulty situations, also something to do with “special interest groups, “some activist scientists, and a number of politicians” whose profits are threatened?

      Not confronting growing droughts, rising sea levels, etc. surely “is unethical, ungrounded in science, and hurting the most vulnerable among us.”

      In just today’s papers:


    2. Agreed Allen, These silver ponytails are absolutely hysterical. Communism is the answer too, obviously, as China shows us how to govern the people and how to protect the environment.


  1. I predict actual suicide pacts to save the environment, the Heaven’s Gate variety. There’s already pacts for not having children, known as the #BirthStrike

    The science is not science. They are unable to make predictions about the climate, unable to produce repeatable results.

    The late Lenard Nimoy provides some good exposition on this type of unsceitific hysteria.

    The earth is actually getting greener and more healthy. Who predicted that?


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