Coast Salish artist featured in the Frances Anderson Center through October

Exhibits of Coast Salish artwork by Ty Juvinel are featured in the Edmonds Arts Commission display case and in the Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation Gallery at the Frances Anderson Center through Oct. 25.

A Tulalip carver, currently commissioned to create a carved panel of the marsh in front of the Edmonds Historical Museum, Juvinel’s work includes prints and painted carvings.  The display case exhibit features dance paraphernalia including a drum, headband, woven hat, rattle, flute and an antique painted dance paddle used by the artist’s family in the 1940’s. Carving tools are also displayed along with a carved salmon and fish sticks.

Juvinel is also a writer and the cover of a children’s book he wrote is in the display case along with a story board for another tale. The Gallery exhibit includes prints, painted dance paddles, a carved hat with frog imagery, and a partially carved mask that shows the work in progress.


4 Replies to “Coast Salish artist featured in the Frances Anderson Center through October”

    1. As an artist it is beautiful to see art that represents the area from a time gone by represented. Would be nice to see a few lumber mills come back.


      1. Is your stuff still on display there?
        Richard, who runs the library, seems to always have art there too long term. Keep up the great work. I’m from the east coast and your work is strikingly Pacific (capital P) to someone not used to seeing it.


    2. Hey Matt thanks for the compliments, The carved pieces are painted afterward, cause it will get all dirty and grimy if I painted first among other things


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