Coastal Community Bank sponsoring second annual Edmonds Pumpkin Quest

When Coastal Community Bank opened its Edmonds branch last year, it collaborated with the Edmonds Historical Museum on the annual Scarecrow Festival by simultaneously organizing the Pumpkin Quest. The Pumpkin Quest is returning for a second year, beginning on Oct. 15. (Scarecrow Festival voting will take place Oct. 16-Nov. 1.)

Each day, clues will be provided on the Coastal Community Bank Facebook page as to where to find a “clue ball” at local Edmonds businesses. When a clue ball is found, the finder takes it to the Edmonds branch of Coastal Community Bank at 123 3rd Ave. S., and turns it in for a beautiful blown glass pumpkin by glass artist Dayne Lopez of Calcifer Glass. There will be two clue ball businesses each day from Oct. 15-18.

“The Pumpkin Quest generated a lot of excitement last year,” said Kristi Jenson, Business Development Officer, Coastal Community Bank. “And we’re excited to be able to offer it again. Our goal is to introduce new customers to local Edmonds businesses.”

You can read Pumpkin Quest rules here.


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