Commentary: Alliance for Gun Responsibility working to ease tragedy

Three of every four gun deaths in our state are suicides. 512 people took their lives with a gun in recent reporting by the State Department of Health (2016). Working to ease that tragedy is one of the goals of the Edmonds chapter of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, which met last week to begin work on new proposals to help make our communities safer.

The Edmonds chapter worked to help voters pass Initiative 1639 last November to strengthen gun safety. Then, the Legislature passed an unprecedented ten safety bills; among them: laws that raise to 21 the legal age to buy semi-automatic rifles, ban undetectable 3-D weapons, and provide stronger protections to keep weapons out of the hands of domestic abusers and those in mental health crisis.

This past July, members of the Edmonds chapter testified before the City Council to pass an ordinance mandating the safe storage of all firearms in the city. It passed. Violation of the law carries a civil penalty, starting at $500.

Now, the Edmonds chapter is working with the Alliance statewide on new legislative proposals to help curb what has become a national public health crisis that takes 35,000 lives a year through suicide, crime and unintentional shootings.

The Alliance is a non-partisan organization focused on supporting what it calls “gun-responsibility champions” who will lead on gun violence prevention. The group works with survivors, with families, students, local governments, community and religious groups as well as the Legislature.

Alliance meetings in Edmonds are open to everyone.  The group meets the 4th Monday of every odd numbered month, at 6:30 p.m., at Edmonds United Methodist Church, 828 Caspers Street.  The next meeting will be Monday, November 25th.

— Submitted by Bob Throndsen on behalf of the Edmonds chapter, Alliance for Gun Responsibility










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