Edmonds School District students’ vaccine records due by Nov. 1

Edmonds School District staff are reminding parents regarding the Nov. 1 deadline to be in compliance with immunization requirements for students attending school.

School nurses will provide administrators a list of students that are out of compliance by the end of the week of Oct. 21. Students who are still not in compliance and have not requested an exemption will be excluded from school starting Nov. 1. 

Before a student may attend a school or child preschool programming, a parent must provide proof of the required immunizations or immunity using an approved Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) form signed by the parent. The CIS may be completed by health care providers or be a form printed from the WA Immunization Information System (IIS). Parents can also print a CIS by signing up with MyIR.

Washington state law allows parents or guardians to exempt their child from school immunization requirements. Exemptions may be claimed for personal/philosophical, religious or medical reasons. Measles, mumps and rubella may not be exempted for personal/philosophical reasons. To request an exemption, a completed Certificate of Exemption must be submitted to the school. 

On Sept. 16, 2019, letters were sent to families indicating whether their student(s) is currently not in compliance with the vaccine requirements to attend school. If parents are unsure about whether their student is in compliance, contact the student’s school building nurse for confirmation.

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  1. Though our state representatives voted to take away our freedom of choice regarding the MMR in the personal exemption, and seek to coerce a medical procedure which the U.S. Supreme Court has found “unavoidably unsafe”, involving a pharmaceutical product from a private company (Merck) who has a monopoly on the vaccine, and who has no liability for adverse events, the religious exemption still exists.

    To claim the religious exemption you do not need to be a member of a congregation which refuses medical care. You need only have a personal religious belief, such as your body is a temple and you will not inject you our your child with unclean things.


  2. I’m skeptical of some vaccines too. I think the benefits of the MMR vaccine are obvious, but kids are allergic to peanuts let alone being potentially reactive to a vaccine cocktail. We got our kids those shots but we were able to buy each separately instead of giving them all at once, which I’ve heard isn’t available anymore. To my knowledge (not looking into this in a while), I think the shots were studied separately – not all combined. The CDC sorta flips that point on it’s head by saying that no study indicates that they are more safe separated, which in a way says they weren’t studied combined so no comparison can be made.

    I refused the Anthrax vaccine while in the USAF, and can say first hand that motives behind mandatory vaccination programs are not always scientifically objective. It’s best to get your kid the measles shot though.


    1. First, Matt, let me thank you for your service. Ever since I saw a screening of Scott Miller’s “Vaccine Syndrome” my sympathy for our servicemen and women has changed. Well done avoiding that order.

      I don’t think the benefits of the MMR vaccine are obvious; or the flu shot, or the dTap… the list goes on. But one thing at a time. You referenced a CDC website. Gosh it would be nice if we could trust the CDC to provide honest information. Unfortunately, we cannot.

      There have been 90 deaths reported on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, which a Harvard study suggests may represent only about 1% in such incidents, since attributed to the MMR (either the MMR II or ProQuad (MMRV)) vaccine since its release in 2005. Compare that to 8 measles deaths since 2005. Even add 20 deaths due to subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) since 2005 assuming it is from measles, you’re still not even one-third of the number reportedly killed by the vaccine.

      As for a link to autism, if you are willing to drink the government’s Kool-Aide along with most pediatricians, then look no further than the CDC link you provided. However, for parents willing to do some research, information is readily available. Be an informed consumer – the manufacturer is not liable for any damage their product does to your kid.


      1. The point is that the CDC website didn’t seem to have the answers. As a libertarian, communicable diseases are one of only a few moral examples where society should have near absolute authority over individuals, for better or worse. I haven’t gotten the flu shot since 2003. There’s a lot to agree on. I don’t think MMR causes autism, but those vaccines definitely can have other indications (any vaccine can cause death even).

        I think the Anthrax vaccine caused Gulf War Syndrome. It’s an antiquated vaccine and it required refrigeration that wasn’t always available during the War. I know two people who got seriously and permanently ill from the Anthrax vaccine. At the same time my neighbor in New Hamilton New Jersey was actually infected with Anthrax during the letter attacks and she simply took antibiotics and a few days off work.


        1. No way it’s a real public health concern. If it were, not only would you be prohibited from attending school, you would be prohibited from flying on a public airline, among other things. It’s about profit for the pharmaceutical company with the monopoly on a liability-free product, contributed to by the relationships of leaders at the CDC, FDA and pharmaceutical companies. That’s not capitalism, that’s corruption.

          And, no way is it fair, right or just to force the public to potential death or permanent disability by a medical procedure (immunization) involving a pharmaceutical product which has never undergone a long term safety study against an inert placebo, for which the long term effectiveness is unknown, and for which the manufacturer of the vaccine has a monopoly and zero liability for it’s product’s safety or effectiveness. That’s not libertarianism, that’s communism.

          It’s also unfair that pediatricians are incentivised to administer vaccines. It’s a conflict off interest neither they nor their patients should have to face.

          Another issue is the concept, perhaps mantra, of herd immunity via vaccines — that’s a myth as affirmed by multiple experts, including Drs. Larry Palevsky and Russell Blaylock. The public is much better served by natural/innate immunity, good diet, the right vitamins, clean water, and good hygiene.

          As for a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, it had been shown, particularly in African-American males under 3 years of age, according to documents found through FOIA requests by Brian Hooker, as guided by CDC whistleblower William Thompson. A general link has also been presented in an affadavit from Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, the DOJ’s former medical defense expert.

          As for childhood vaccines in general, the Mawson study comparing vaccinated, partially vaccinated, and unvaccinated kids indicates much larger incidences of autism, ASD, allergies, and ADD/ADHD among vaccinated kids. Similar findings are reported by Dr. Paul Thomas, author of “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan,” within his clinical practice.

          Also, you are wise not to get the flu shot. Due to the way it weakens your immune system, recipients are more susceptible to other illnesses, besides the trace amounts of toxins that it deposits in the body. “Healthy People 2020”, I don’t think so. Vaccinations are on the rise, vaccines contain aluminum; dementia is in the rise and linked to aluminum… Correlation not causation, perhaps, but let’s figure this out rather than accept the government simply dismissing/ whitewashing it!

          Miller’s movie would support your opinion. It’s not right for our government to do that to our servicemembers, and it’s not right for them to do it to civilians either.


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