Letter to the editor: Alicia Crank would strengthen the city council


I have talked to Alicia Crank several times in the last few months and have heard her speak about numerous local issues in recorded candidate interviews. Each time I came away impressed and excited by the idea that this very talented person might become a member of our city council.

For those who don’t know much about Alicia, I urge you to do what I did: Google her, read about her accomplishments, and, perhaps, watch her in the recent candidate interview at My Edmonds News.

For those with no Googling time, I will summarize what you could have learned: Alicia lives in Edmonds, a few blocks from Highway 99, and she cares deeply about all of Edmonds. She works as Corporate and Foundation Officer for the Seattle-King-Snohomish YWCA, a major force for good in the region. She has a background in business, having once been a corporate banker. She has taught classes in leadership skills, and now works to build bridges and form coalitions between the corporate and nonprofit worlds. She has served on local boards and commissions, including the Edmonds Senior Center, the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce, the Edmonds Planning Board, and the Snohomish County Airport Commission. She is endorsed by a long list of people and organizations, including the current Snohomish County Executive, past and present members of the Edmonds City Council and Snohomish County Council, members of the Edmonds School and Planning Boards, the Snohomish County Democratic Party, the Snohomish and Island County Labor Council, Washington Conservation Voters, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, the Washington Chapter of the National Organization for Women, and many, many more.

Alicia is, in short, the real deal, a person whose work and civic experience, ideas, and skills would strengthen the Council as it faces problems and opportunities in the coming years. I hope that, in this important election, other voters will take the time to learn about her and consider giving her their votes.

Bob Hinck


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  1. Thank you Mr. Hinck for your informative letter advocating for Alicia Crank for city council. I agree with you we need Alicia on Edmonds City Council.


  2. Ron Swanson would likely vote for Alicia, a genuine person who just happens to like City Government. I heard they tried to cast her for Parks and Recreation back in the day.


  3. This is a really good open seat on Council and I believe Alicia will have a proactive voice on the Council for redoubling the efforts to make it less “bowl centric”. Highway 99 and other corridors present an excellent opportunity for economic growth, affordable housing, mixed use development, and serve as an important part of keeping a robust, fiscally sound, diverse, and growing Edmonds in the next 20 years. Right now, I like her position on this important matter, and like that she is also interested in increasing diversity in Edmonds. We live in a town that, based on studies, imports a large percentage of labor. I have always stood by my argument that Edmonds should be a place that supports aging in place, a diverse housing stock, affordability, and promotes diversity and inclusion in housing practices. Given that we are over the median price of a home in Washington, it is hard for an “average” family to be able to live AND work in Edmonds. Highway 99 presents an opportunity to bring more affordable and larger scale development in Edmonds. Five Corners presents opportunities. Perrinville has opportunities.

    From a selfish standpoint, when the kids leave the nest, I want to be able to shift from the big house to the little condo, and the reality is that shifting to a million dollar bowl condo (about all that is available) is not realistic for me in Edmonds. It would be wonderful to have options to stay in my town, pass on the house to the next owner, and downsize while living in the City that I have grown to love.

    I want families to live and work here. I want them to spend their dollars at our local stores. I want them to increase diversity in our schools and local politics. I believe Alicia, based on her community involvement, will focus on those areas. I do not agree with her on everything, but I do agree that she has the right skillset and vision to move our thinking beyond the Bowl. This will be an interesting seat on the Council, and an important vote – a long as we can stay out of “national” issues, and focus on the local change (that changes regional and national issues) – and to date, Alicia has shown that local is important to her – then she has my vote. Not an easy race to make a decision on, but good luck Alicia and thanks for your commitment to Edmonds! (Again, I it takes a pretty tough group of folks to run for office in this little town…)


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