Letter to the editor: As mayor, Mike Nelson can bring our city together


I’m writing today in support of Mike Nelson, candidate for mayor.  I had the opportunity to attend one of the mayoral debates and I was impressed with his ability to express himself and his views in a clear and respectful manner. It was obvious to me he cares about this special place and is passionate about responsible management of our natural resources and city. He understands what it’s like to be the parent of young children in this beautiful and evolving city, and he has realistic and informed expectations and goals.

In July, I had the chance to meet with Mr. Nelson at the Seaview Park ribbon cutting. His leadership was outstanding in getting Edmonds its first inclusive playground. This wonderful little park now serves kids of all abilities. During the planning process I saw him reach out to the community, finding out our priorities and seeking input about what differently-abled kids would need to be able to play at our neighborhood parks. His compassion and kindness were apparent.

As the parent of young children myself, what matters to me is different from someone of retirement age. I believe Mike Nelson understands this tale of two cities – Edmonds for a young family as well as Edmonds for someone who has lived here for decades and has already benefited from the opportunity to raise a family in this beautiful city. I believe Mr. Nelson is an inclusive candidate. He listens to the spectrum of voices and concerns and will do his best to make an informed and fair decision. That doesn’t mean everyone will always be happy but I believe he cares about serving our entire community. 

At a time of such divided ideas and politics, I believe it’s important to have someone who can bring us together. I’m looking for a candidate who can clearly express what they stand for and what they have accomplished.

From what I’ve seen, Mike Nelson is not a candidate seeking big changes for Edmonds. It would seem his messages fall more along the lines of keeping Edmonds’ small-town charm without embracing a small town mentality of isolation and exclusivity. It’s time to manage the Edmonds of now, not of 25 years ago. The only change we need right now is Mike Nelson for mayor.


Erin Way

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