Letter to the editor: Council candidate Laura Johnson champions important community values

I am writing to make public my support for Laura Johnson for Edmonds City Council, Position 7.  Yes, Laura champions many of the same issue I care about, from positive and thoughtful growth along Highway 99, to protecting our marsh and waterfront, to conversations and progress on sensible gun reforms, but really, I am voting for Laura Johnson because when I need someone to show up, Laura is always there.
There are not many people in our lives who show up anytime, anywhere.  Laura does.  She picks up my children and feeds them when my father is ill; she offers her family trailer when our home renovation runs two weeks behind schedule, and our temporary housing is no longer available; she opens her door when I knock, and gives freely of her home grown vegetables and fruit.  How many people do we have on our list that will take our call at 2 a.m.?  Take our children without a thought?  Take us into their homes and and not just treat us like family, but see us as family?
Edmonds needs to hold on to values that bind us as a community.  All of us.  Laura holds on tightly and opens her door; she sees the past and believes in the future.  We need more of that in our world.  More open doors, more people who see others as family, more politicians that show up with deeds, not words.
Laura has my vote.  I have seen the life she lives, and I want that for my community.
April Osborne

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  1. To take that one step further, April, I believe she would do that for absolutely anyone, not just a close friend.

    I have only gotten to know Laura the past few months. But after even knowing her a short time I believe without a doubt she would do the same for me, and any other citizen in this town that was in need. Laura fully walks the walk of community building, being a neighbor and truly caring for every citizen of Edmonds. Her accessibility and open door attitude is what Edmonds needs going forward.


  2. Thank you for sharing such positive attributes about a candidate. I, too, have met Laura during her run for City Council. I appreciate her values and kindness. It’s wonderful to see the support with no mention of her opponent or negative campaigning. Thank you!!


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