Letter to the editor: How do you decide?


All the candidates seem to say the same things – the things they think voters want to hear. So how do you figure out who to vote for?

I have discovered that you can’t rely on the superficial evidence – which is all you get if you read or listen to campaign statements.  You really need to know the record of what they have championed over time, and decide if those are issues important to you. You also need to pay close attention to who supports their campaign, and then decide if you share the values of those supporters.

Having done the “homework” of attending city council meetings, following issues, and analyzing the results in relation to my values, I am voting for Mike Nelson for mayor. My values are focused on protecting the environment and having a safe, healthy place for my family to live. Who wouldn’t share these values? Well, as we have seen, too often the lure of money makes people forget what is really important.

Those who stand to profit from development have fought against protecting the Edmonds Marsh, have tried to put a concrete overpass on our beach, and have pushed for taller buildings in our historic downtown.  Fear of losing profits causes them to attack candidates who threaten those interests.

Instead of negative campaigning, voters need to hear exactly what each candidate has done for our city.  Mike Nelson’s accomplishments for renewable energy alone make him stand out for me. He has also been a champion for Edmonds Marsh and always puts the safety and health of Edmonds citizens first.

I haven’t seen any significant accomplishments by his opponent.  Apparently attacks on Nelson are all that Tibbott’s campaign has to offer.

Marjie Fields


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  1. I’ve heard that listing your past accomplishments in your resume is more important than your past job titles or job descriptions. Maybe that’s what we need to focus on.


  2. It is election time again. What makes this election particularly important is the number of City government positions in contention. Not only are we electing a new major, but there are 4 Council seats being considered and only one incumbent among the 8 council candidates The face of our City council will be changing come January 2020.

    As I consider the candidates, I consider their positions on key issues facing Edmonds, preserving downtown, housing, growth and open space. All the candidates agree on these issues.. No one is advocating for increased building heights in downtown or against affordable housing, they all support and will work to maintain and improve our open space and natural resources. Everyone agrees our infrastructure is in desperate need of repair.? Considering Council as a whole, I believe we must choose candidates that will bring the most to our City government as a group. What combination of individuals will give us the most diverse set of skills and backgrounds to govern our city?

    THis is the reason I am voting for Nathan Monroe. He stands out from the other Council candidates because he has over 15 years of experience dealing with city infrastructure issues as a civil engineer. He has designed and managed municipal infrastructure projects around this region and is currently working on the south section of Sound Transit lite rail connection as the project manager. Nathan has served and continues to serve on the Planning Board, giving him firsthand knowledge of the issues facing our community and how to work effectively with city staff. He is well aware of the local, county and state regulations that will impact choices we make.

    He is fully aware of budget management issues, having managed multimillion dollar projects with budget responsibility. These are going to be important skills to bring to the Council and there is no other candidate who provides this set of skills, skills that will be an important asset to our government.

    Clearly all the candidates love Edmonds, but I believe Mr. Monroe can bring a set of skills to the Council that are not matched by any other candidate.


  3. Thank you. Marjie, for spelling out a few of the main reasons I, too, have decided Mike Nelson is our best choice for Mayor of Edmonds. As the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” Mike has a long list of actions to his credit.


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