Letter to the editor: In support of Paul Thompson for judge


As a criminal defense attorney and former public defender, I work in courtrooms throughout Snohomish County. Judge Paul Thompson, a member of our Superior Court bench, is clearly someone who has the kind of thoughtful, balanced demeanor that distinguishes him. He was appointed last year by our Governor from a long list of candidates and now deserves to be retained by the voters.

I had the privilege of working with Judge Thompson when he was one of the senior trial attorneys in the Snohomish County Public Defender office. He not only advocated tirelessly for those living with poverty mental illness, homelessness, and drug addiction he was also the “go to” person for analysis of complicated legal issues and finding the best approach for the many challenging situations our clients faced.

Now that he is a judge, it is worth recognizing that Judge Thompson is endorsed by prosecutors and law enforcement groups as well as a wide range of attorneys who have experienced his fair approach and even temperament. Those who have appeared before Judge Thompson can always be assured that he is well prepared for every court hearing and will treat everyone in the courtroom in a manner that shows he genuinely cares what they have to say.

Please join me in voting to retain Judge Paul Thompson in Position 14 on our Superior Court.

Samantha Sommerman

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