Letter to the editor: Judge Paul Thompson ‘passionate, smart and dedicated’


As a new resident of Edmonds, but a longtime follower of Snohomish County politics, I am writing in support of Judge Paul Thompson for the upcoming election. Judge Thompson was appointed to the Snohomish County Superior Court bench late last year and is now running to retain his position.

Besides being exceptionally well-qualified for his position (his endorsements are diverse and too long to list), I know Judge Thompson to be extremely capable, thoughtful and trustworthy. I can think of no one better to help ensure access to justice for all Snohomish County residents, regardless of their backgrounds.

Judge Thompson took a non-traditional path to his judicial career, starting out in community college and working for years before attending law school. In my opinion, those beginnings gave him a solid appreciation for real-world challenges that many people who might enter his courtroom face.

He is a natural, but unassuming, leader and focuses on collaboration over credit. Judge Thompson has a talent for bringing people to consensus.

Judge Thompson brings a dedication, tenacity and thoroughness to everything he does. I am confident that in the courtroom he seeks the best possible outcome for all parties. He is a passionate, smart and dedicated judge who will continue to serve the best interests of Snohomish County. Please join me in voting to retain Judge Paul Thompson for Position 14.


Jennifer Myers


One Reply to “Letter to the editor: Judge Paul Thompson ‘passionate, smart and dedicated’”

  1. I’m for Lopez-Shaw – justice is supposed to be blind. Your claim, “I am confident that in the courtroom he seeks the best possible outcome for all parties,” is a deal-breaker for me.

    There are winners and losers. A judge who can’t make a call in the presence of Sound evidence is no judge for me.

    Unfortunately, this apparent kid-glove approach might be the model, as I witnessed first-hand while up North recently before another snohomish county superior court judge. The judge acknowledged that the defendant, a physician, had violated a court order and apparently perjured himself in a written declaration. But how does she rule? Not guilty!

    Is sending the message to the defendant that they can do Mohs and keep getting away with their bad behavior really in anyone’s best interest? How is such apparent lack of justice the “best possible” outcome for that plaintiff or the public?

    It reminds me of my kid’s T-ball game. If a runner was tagged or thrown out, they got to keep running the bases. After all, we want the best possible outcome for the runner, right? But what about the best possible outcome for the fielders!?

    Read the coverage at https://myedmondsnews.com/2019/09/candidate-meet-and-greet-statements-snohomish-county-judge-pos-14-lopez-shaw-and-thompson/ and make your informed choice.


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