Letter to the editor: Mike Nelson has track record of accomplishing big goals

To the editor:

We are voting for Mike Nelson based on his experience and accomplishments.  At his own expense, he has prepared himself for the mayor role by studying law and working in law enforcement in a city larger than Edmonds. We admire him for showing initiative to accomplish those goals.

Developing the Edmonds section of Highway 99 will be a huge undertaking and he has a track record for accomplishing big goals.

Crime is rising in Edmonds. Mike worked in law enforcement in California. His experience will be invaluable, especially as Highway 99 becomes busier and more dangerous. For that reason alone, we need Mike’s experience.

Mike is a fast responder. When we sent emails to all of the City Council members about the reckless ferry traffic on our street, Mike Nelson was the first to get back to us on the same day. When we send  emails to the City Council members about controlling the budget, Mike always responds. Mike is in favor of keeping our property taxes as low as possible.

In the summer of 2018, Linda asked Neil Tibbott what could be done to redirect the ferry traffic to SR-104 where it belongs. He said he would ask the city to work with vendors of GPS vehicle navigation systems to redirect the ferry traffic. A few months later when asked what had happened with redirecting the traffic, he said he forgot about it and would check. Traffic has only gotten worse with no response yet from Neil Tibbott.

We are very fortunate to have Neil Tibbott serving on the city council, but given the challenges we face, we believe Mike Nelson has more experience to handle these challenging situations as our mayor.

John and Linda Niemi

7 Replies to “Letter to the editor: Mike Nelson has track record of accomplishing big goals”

  1. “Mike Nelson has track record of accomplishing big goals” I couldn’t find a single thing in your letter that Nelson has actually accomplished.


  2. Mr. Nelson was working as a lobbyist for the SEIU union when he was appointed to the City Council, even though SEIU is a government employees’ union that tries to get more money from the taxpayers. He had a direct conflict of interest, and he did not disclose it. This is corruption, plain and simple. I’m voting for Mr. Tibbott.


  3. Mr Nelson’s accomplishments need to include his inability to pay his taxes on time and his indiscretions from within the SEIU. That anyone is voting for or backing Mike Nelson is baffling to me, notwithstanding the Democratic Party, and I was a caucus delegate for Obama. It looks to me as if Nelson is a tool being used to affect Edmonds from outside Edmonds. I personally know Neil Tibbott to be an honest individual that will listen to Edmonds and do the will of the people IN Edmonds.


  4. What amazes me is that anyone takes anything these four people have to say seriously when it comes to commenting about this election. Wambolt accuses Nelson of breaking the law simply because he doesn’t like him. Herman refers to SEIU as a “Govt. employees union that tries to get more money from the taxpayers. The SEIU is the Service Employees Union which represents private sector employees as well. They try to get a living wage from their employers period. That’s what Unions do. Last time I checked, it isn’t illegal for a union employee to have an elected or appointed position in government. Gorsuch questions Nelson’s honesty because he had a problem paying his Federal Income tax on time. Man that is certified proof that someone is dishonest. Not very many people have ever had that problem. Williams can’t find Nelson’s name on a list of practicing attorneys. Wow, thanks a bunch for that great wisdom. Everyone knows that all people who go to law school pass the bar and actively practice law. Man what insight. So happy we have such great wisdom available to tell us all how to vote.


  5. What amazes me is that anyone takes anything Clinton Wright has to say seriously when it comes to commenting about this election. There, fixed it for you Clinton. Nobody has personally attacked more people than you in the MEN comments section. You are hands down the winner of negativity and aggressive/defensive post.


  6. I sent a reply here but it only got to Teresa apparently due to my techno ignorance. Basically I don’t really care if anyone takes me seriously or likes me for that matter. I don’t comment here to be liked, I comment here to be heard. Whether or not people like what I say, or ignore what I say or hate what I say is up to them. Probably lots of people see my name and immediately hit ignore or yell “idiot” or something along those lines. More power to them. That said, I just urge people to use their own smarts and judgement in choosing who runs the city and ignore the Union haters and Character assassins in our midst.


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