Letter to the editor: Neil Tibbott will preserve and protect Edmonds

Dear Editor,

Choosing a new mayor for our great city is like choosing a steady, experienced, protective captain of a ship. Neil Tibbott meets and exceeds those qualifications and qualities.

Whether working on the Planning Board or as a City Council Member, he comes prepared, he listens respectfully to the public, to staff and to the other members. He asks thoughtful and relevant questions and when he serves in a leadership role, moves the discussion along at a productive pace with the goal of finding viable solutions. Neil has represented all the constituents in the city and this is one of his chief attributes. He has kept an open mind to all ideas and because of this I can trust that he has selected the most logical resolution to the problem, even if I didn’t always agree with it.

His core beliefs make him an inclusive and collaborative colleague and leader. You only have to look at his endorsements from the elected officials, past and present from Edmonds and surrounding cities to see the broad base and bipartisan supports he has earned over the many years of service to Edmonds and our region.

Some people in town are using the classic argument that we need “new leadership” in Edmonds — that we need to get rid of the “old guard.” In the same breath they talk about what a great city we have and how we have to preserve it. How can both statements be true? Neil has been part of the many different neighborhood, civic, educational and government teams that have made Edmonds such an amazing place. He has my support and I urge others to support him as well.

I offer this viewpoint as a very active member of the community. I’ve served as a board member for the Chamber of Commerce for 7 years, serving on the Car Show and chairing the 4th of July Parade for several years; on the Economic Development Committee for 3 years and currently serve as a Rotarian since 2007. Since 2008 I’ve also served as past President of the Edmonds Police Foundation and currently serve on its board.

Darlene Stern-Rapp

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