Letter to the editor: Neil Tibbott will rise above partisan politics


I didn’t plan on writing a letter to the editor, as I know people are generally sick and tired of opinion pieces at this point. However, after reading Adrienne Fraley-Monillas’ condescending and fearmongering “endorsement,” I feel compelled to write in. I don’t particularly appreciate being lectured about what is best for my family nor having my “young family” demographic hijacked by someone pretending to know what’s best. As a family of two young boys (3.5 and 1.5), I have done my homework about to support as the next mayor, and that is Neil Tibbott.

I am thrilled that the town I grew up in is no longer “deadmonds.” Frankly, my wife and I would never have chosen to move back to Edmonds (where we grew up) if the town hadn’t evolved into a vibrant community with beautiful parks, great restaurants, and ample activities for families of any size and age. That change and evolution in Edmonds are attributes that Neil Tibbott wants to improve upon while Mike Nelson has campaigned under the guise of necessary “change.”

I am supporting Neil Tibbott because the executive of Edmonds is as much about leadership as it is about legislating.  I genuinely do appreciate Mr. Nelson’s legislative efforts to build an inclusive playground in my neighborhood (my kids love it) and taking action to curb gun violence. However, being a good legislator does not necessarily make one a good executive. Being a great mayor is about relationships and not grandstanding. It’s about answering tough questions and not attacking those who ask them. It’s about respecting and inspiring city staff and not carrying around a soapbox of self-promotion. It’s about pragmatic solutions and not sound bites.

I am supporting Neil Tibbott because Edmonds has been on a great track the last decade, and he’ll improve upon that growth.

I am supporting Neil Tibbott because safety for my children and other children in our community is as much (or more) about more sidewalks and safer streets as it is wasting money on more police writing speeding tickets.

I am supporting Neil Tibbott because he’ll ensure our senior citizens (which includes my three living grandparents) can age in place.

I am supporting Neil Tibbott because he understands the importance of entrepreneurship, economic development, and growing the tax base in our community.

I am supporting Neil Tibbott because he doesn’t back away from difficult questions.

I am supporting Neil Tibbott because he has run an uplifting, positive campaign rather than his opponent, who has campaigned by pandering towards people’s fears.

I am supporting Neil Tibbott because he’ll be an active and strong steward of taxpayer dollars.

I am supporting Neil Tibbott because I’m confident he’ll put Edmonds before his views and ambitions. Our city has plenty of areas to improve, and Neil is the candidate who will push for progress.

I am supporting Neil Tibbott because I believe in the spirit of non-partisan campaigns. Believe it or not, Adrienne, many of us can actually separate partisan politics in Olympia and D.C. from non-partisan local elections. You might not be capable of it, but many of us, including Mr. Tibbott, can.

Kevin G. Smith


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  1. Well said. I too was on the verge of writing to the editor on this issue.
    I watched last nights live feed of the two candidates, and soon grew weary of the comments being posted. Certain sections of our community would drag this local race down to the gutters of what the 2016 presidential election became, and I’m sad to say some of these are people whom I consider friends and neighbors. Unfortunately, these tactics seem to be one coming mainly from one side. Both men are worthy candidates, and I fault no one for supporting one or the other. I too will support Neil Tibbott, for the many of the same reasons you have just stated. It’s always said “Actions speak louder that words,” and when I look at the actions of the two candidates, my choice is clear.


  2. Kevin, thank you for articulating a few things that I have been thinking but haven’t put to words. Thank you for taking the time to put it down.

    At the end of the day I see this race has two paths. One is with a relative newcomer to our city and appears to be trying to make this a stop over on the way to something bigger vs a person who has been rooted in this community for quite some time and is serving the community that he and his family has valued greatly. In an era that shows us how to yell louder than others in an effort to be right, I will simply keep my voice down and look at what I believe is best for the place I have called home with my family for over twenty years. Edmonds is really a hidden gem in the Puget Sound and I am thankful every day that I get to roll over the hill and see how awesome this place is! I would encourage all to stop and think; do we want our small city to be more like Seattle or not? There is a clear choice in the mayoral race for either approach. I know what I will choose.


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