Letter to the editor: This former mayoral candidate supports Mike Nelson

Dear  Editor

I support Mike Nelson for Mayor of Edmonds and urge people to vote for him in the November.
Mike has the vision and vigor to lead our city.  He supports the issues that are important to me:  to protect our environment, preserve our historic downtown and protect our taxpayers.
Mike has been the most effective member while I have been on the City Council.  As past performance is the best predictor of future performance, I am sure he will be an effective and strong leader for our community.
Thank you to the Beacon, My Edmonds News and ACE for your coverage and debates during the primary. Thank you to those who voted for me then and I ask you to now support Mike Nelson.
The ballots will be mailed on a October 18th and must be returned by November 5th.  You can put it in the mail or in the Election drop box at the library.
Mark your calendar and please vote for Mike Nelson.
Kristiana Johnson

5 Replies to “Letter to the editor: This former mayoral candidate supports Mike Nelson”

  1. I am surprised, even stunned by this endorsement. My biggest problem with politics is corruption, but this usually happens at higher levels of politics. Now it is creeping down to the level of the Edmonds mayoral election. Mike Nelson is a bright attorney who I find hard to believe let his former indiscretions ‘accidentally’ happen from either ignorance or forgetfulness. Whether we enjoy it or not, most of us pay our taxes on time and and deal with our civic duties in a responsible manner–and now we want to put such a person in office as our major! Even though I was a caucus member for Obama and the Democratic Party, I am stunned to see both Johnson and the Democratic Party backing this candidate. I’m starting to get a little frightened?! (I am a business owner, writer and live in Edmonds.)


    1. Good point Greg. You and I have a lot in common here. I was a Republican activist and had some issues with some questionable characters in my orbit. One person in my party (I felt, with no proof other than a hunch) committed insurance fraud and it was very uncomfortable to call out one’s own. Politics often attracts people with questionable motives, and doesn’t do a good job vetting people. It’s too much of a team sport. There are good people who happen to be partisan though, ultimately. Kristina was my second choice.


  2. My first choice was Brad Shipley with that said Mike Nelson came across to me as some one that is only interested in what is good for him. He through out the politically correct verbiage but he lacks any serious ethics. he will talk to you all day as long as you agree with him but if you have a different viewpoint you are not worthy of his time. I’m tired of all the name calling and want nothing more than some who will listen to all sides and make an informed decision. He will go as the wind blows and nothing more.


  3. Neither of our two major political parties has any monopoly on “corruption” which is why I’ve come to view myself as a left leaning Independent. While the city positions are labeled as non-partisan, there is really no such thing anymore in America.

    From what I’ve seen of both Mike and Neil, I’ll take either one over what we’ve had the past 20 years which has basically been selling Edmonds to the highest bidder as much as possible and City Council follow the pied piper Mayor as much as possible. The Council seems to finally be finding a more independent voice which is great. Personally, I’m voting for change as much as possible at Mayor and Council. I might live to regret it, but I seriously doubt it.

    I’m hoping for some eventual push to change the whole system of Edmond’s government. Starting by electing Council Members from districts and eventually moving to a Strong Council, City Manager style of government. The Mayor just has too much power and influence in this town for his/her or the town’s good.


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