Letter to the editor: To make an informed choice, let’s listen to candidates’ ideas, priorities

To the Editor:

I do hate to get into online debates, but I do like to attend candidate forums like the one last night, to see how well the candidates can address questions and issues on the spot and to hear from the horses’ mouths their ideas, visions and plans for Edmonds. For example, here’s a little of what I heard last night.

Position 7 council candidate Mr. Monroe said he’s 38, has degrees, has always lived in Edmonds, and would approach the need for lower income housing by looking at property in Mountlake Terrace and other jurisdictions; his opponent, Laura Johnson, said she has been actively involved in city issues that are important to her and to future generations, including stopping the proposed overpass planned on the marine sanctuary, taking a leadership role in fighting for safe storage for guns, volunteering at the cold weather shelter, and, in short, showing up, taking a stand and working hard.

Position 5 candidates both have interesting new ideas. Vivian Olson talks about “codifying charm” and, according to her website, she will hold “an office hour at Harbor Square Athletic Club on Wednesdays.” When it comes to listening and shaping future housing and economic development plans, Alicia Crank says she wants to include and prioritize all Edmonds “contributors,” including homeowners, renters, visitors, and people who work in Edmonds.

And in response to a question about each mayoral candidate’s “big idea” for a most important project, Mr. Nelson said we should get going on the very big, complicated Highway 99 subarea project to address major issues of safety, affordable housing, and economic development. Mr. Tibbott said he is excited about creating a “walkway” with lights and art that “extends all the way from downtown to the waterfront and even out Sunset drive.”

We are being offered a real choice in this election. Let’s listen to what the candidates say, at least as much as what’s said about them. Listen to their ideas. Check out their priorities. Let’s elect a city government that will make the changes we need and work hard to create a dynamic future for a better Edmonds.

Susan Kostick

2 Replies to “Letter to the editor: To make an informed choice, let’s listen to candidates’ ideas, priorities”

  1. Susan, I 100% agree with your letter, thank you.

    I don’t think a lot of our citizens know exactly how our city’s government actually works. And I say this based on how much focus has been on the Mayoral race. That race is definitely important to the future of Edmonds, it’s the Council that holds most of the power. I give you credit Susan, in recognizing that Seats 5 and 7 are pivotal in our future. Mr. Nelson, Ms. Crank and Mrs. Johnson are clearly the ones with agendas that include ALL of Edmonds. It’s residents, employees and visitors.


  2. Everyone should watch the video of last night’s Chamber of Commerce forum (soon to be provided by by MEN) to draw their own conclusions regarding what the candidates said regarding a wide variety of issues. The soundbites provided in this letter do not fairly represent the positions of many (perhaps all) of the participating candidates. My wife and I also attended the forum and had much different takeaways.

    Mr. Monroe holds a civil engineering degree and an MBA, making him imminently and uniquely qualified for the position he seeks. His comments also suggested that he understands how civic projects are designed and implemented. He has also served on the Edmonds Planning Board for 5 years. Planning Board experience has, in the past, produced some of our best and most-effective Council members.

    I too was impressed by both Ms. Crank and Ms. Olson. Both have great attributes. Ms. Crank came across as articulate, compassionate, and knowledgeable about the issues facing Edmonds. Ms. Olson came across as collaborative, energetic, and (well) knowledgeable about the issues facing Edmonds.

    And the question presented to the mayoral candidates wasn’t about “big ideas”, it was about “what is your moonshot Idea” (an ask of grand vision). Mr. Tibbott answered the question. Mr. Nelson did not. With regard to Mr. Nelson’s “moonshot idea” of addressing Highway 99 issues, these efforts are well-documented and underway. Perhaps Mr. Tibbott should have responded with “fill the potholes”. I’d still like to hear Mr. Nelson’s “moonshot idea”.

    But let’s not forget the other City Council race. Ms. Paine and Ms. White are again both impressive candidates. My takeaway from the forum was that both are articulate and impassioned. But Ms. White’s grasp of facts and her leadership of the Hazel Miller Foundation and its impressive contributions to our community gives her the edge–at least for me.

    I’m proud to support and display yard signs for Tibbott, Monroe, Olson, and White.

    But watch the coming video and decide for yourselves–don’t rely on soundbites. This is a very important election.


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