Letter to the editor: Why I support Neil Tibbott for mayor


I have known Neil for five years and served with him on Edmonds City Council for four of those years. Over that time, I’ve come to know him well and have closely observed his leadership style on council. He is a humble man, but at the same time is highly intelligent, intuitive, patient, receptive to input and has a deep love for Edmonds — having lived here for decades and raised his family here. Further, Neil is a political non-partisan and always acts in the best interest of our city rather than being driven by political self-interest. These are characteristics that make for an excellent councilmember, and Neil has served his Edmonds constituents well.

As Neil works toward the mayoral election in November, I’ve reflected on characteristics Neil possesses that are key to a mayoral role. In essence, the Edmonds mayor is CEO of a $100 million corporation, and the skill set to be successful in that role needs to include all the attributes that made Neil a strong councilmember as well as these additional skills: the Edmonds mayor must also be a strong and effective leader of people in directing a complex organization, must be a consensus builder with city council and must be in tune with the wishes of Edmonds constituents. The key personal characteristics that underlie success in these three important areas are trust, respect and a willingness to collaborate.  Neil has clearly demonstrated he possesses all three of these elements and is well prepared to lead the city into the future.

Importantly, former mayors are uniquely qualified to know precisely what it takes to be highly effective civic leaders. Five Edmonds mayors (current and former) and the mayors of Woodway, Lynnwood, Brier, Snohomish and Marysville have all endorsed Neil’s candidacy for mayor of Edmonds.  It is noteworthy the mayors of neighboring cities are supporting Neil and know he is the superior mayoral candidate, as they understand there will be an even greater need in the future for Snohomish County cities to closely collaborate to tackle complex issues we share, such as homelessness, growth and environmental pressures. These mayors know they can trust and rely on Neil to work with them toward effective resolution of these issues.

As a fellow councilmember, I’ve grown to greatly respect and admire Neil and I’m proud to call him my friend. Please join me in voting for Neil Tibbott as the next mayor of Edmonds!

Dave Teitzel
Edmonds City Council, Pos. #5

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