Letter to the editor: Why Vivian Olson will make an excellent councilmember

Dear Editor:

I am writing in support of Vivian Olson for Edmonds City Council position 5. I am her direct supervisor as aquatics director at Harbor Square Athletic Club and have known her professionally and personally for a long time.

Vivian is a swim coach and highly sought-after instructor at our Club. She is a team player who is willing to train new employees and to fill in for others when they can’t make it. She saw a need for a triathlon open water swim training class, developed the content, and followed through. She is punctual and has a stellar attendance record.

Her technical competence for the City Council job comes from other sources, but her Harbor Square job history is a testament to her work ethic and consistency.

As a friend Vivian is thoughtful and supportive. We have spent a lot of time together, much of it walking, discussing big and little issues. There have been times after we have discussed a heavy topic (sometimes days after) when I’ve gotten a text from Vivian about it. I love this about her! To me that means that she not only approaches issues with an open mind but stays open and willing to continue gathering information.

On a side note, she also stops to pick up every piece of trash we encounter….even cigarette butts!! Who does that??!! Another example of being a good neighbor and citizen.

Door belling and participating in Vivian’s weekly walks have been another way for me to see her willingness to listen and solicit input. She has in-depth conversations with citizens and addresses their questions and concerns. If she doesn’t know the answer she finds out and gets back to them!

Vivian Olson will make an excellent Edmonds City Councilmember. I look forward to seeing where her addition will lead our wonderful community of Edmonds. I have complete confidence that she will advocate for the best ideas the citizens come up with together and that we will all be better off as a result.

Tana Axtelle

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