PUD honors City of Edmonds with $62,542 check for energy savings

City of Edmonds officials accepting a check from Snohomish County PUD. (Photo courtesy City of Edmonds)

A multi-year energy savings effort at the City of Edmonds Wastewater Treatment Plant, in partnership with Snohomish County PUD and the State Department of Enterprise Systems, is paying off for Edmonds ratepayers – to the tune of $62,542 — for recent upgrades to the facility’s solids handling equipment, and totaling $250,000 for all energy savings projects since 2012. At the Edmonds City Council’s Oct. 8 meeting, SnoPUD presented Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling and City Council Members with a check for their most recent efforts.

The City of Edmonds owns and operates a regional wastewater treatment plant that contains a complex system of pumps, tanks and mechanical systems to clean, disinfect and ultimately discharge clean water into Puget Sound.  In 2010, treatment plant staff began working with SnoPUD and their Energy Challenge Program. Edmonds coordinated with SnoPUD to replace key pieces of treatment plant equipment with more efficient options. Over seven years, SnoPUD has provided $249,000 worth of energy incentives to the city. In addition, the Department of Energy Services provided a grant of $255,000. These payments, combined with over $4 million in local funds, have resulted in an overall 30% reduction in energy use.

This reduction in energy cost equates to a savings of $200,000 per year for utility ratepayers the City of Edmonds said in an announcement. It also has reduced the city’s carbon emissions by 1,146 tons per year.

“Our staff is proud to be part of this collaborative effort with SnoPUD and surrounding communities, which is clearly paying off for our city and our region,” said City of Edmonds Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager Pamela Randolph.  “Our plant Energy Team, in collaboration with the Wastewater Energy Coaching program, the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services Energy Performance Contracting Program, and staff have worked together to reduce energy use and our impact on the environment.”



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