Scene in Edmonds: Coho salmon are back in Shell Creek

Sightings of adult coho salmon in Shell Creek started this last weekend. This marks the start of the annual migration of salmon into the creek to spawn.

Students from the Edmonds-Woodway High School’s Students Saving Salmon club were thrilled to observe salmon during their first surveys of the creek last weekend, club advisor Joe Scordino said. Students searched the creek and talked to streamside residents, who also reported seeing the first salmon of the season.  The Students Saving Salmon club hopes to document when coho and chum salmon arrive, how many occur through the season, and what stretches of Shell Creek are and are not being utilized by salmon, Scordino said.

“Observing the salmon was very rewarding to these students that have worked hard to enhance the salmon population with juvenile salmon releases and improve stream habitat by clearing culverts and restoring native vegetation,” he added

Students will be conducting periodic surveys through early January, and are asking streamside residents to report their salmon sightings, both live and dead, by emailing

Here’s a video of a coho making its way over a small falls, also courtesy of Peggy Foreman:

10 Replies to “Scene in Edmonds: Coho salmon are back in Shell Creek”

  1. This is great news! My kids raised and released juvenile salmon into the creek that runs through Meadowdale Park when they were in Mr. Shepard’s class at Seaview a few years ago. I wonder if their salmon made it back too?


  2. Thank you for highlighting these photos, videos, and the work that the Student Saving Salmon and Joe Scordino are doing! When we see these fish in our backyards and understand their needs for survival it makes us be accountable when maintaining our homes, our yards, and our waterways! Thank you! 🙂


  3. Great news! And what a great group the Students Saving Salmon are. They work so hard to restore the Salmon habitat. The public would be amazed at what they have accomplished. And kudos to their advisor, Joe Scordino, for all his hard work and mentoring.


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