Scene in Edmonds: This is fall?

Vicki Hone Smith took these photos Sunday during a walk along the boardwalk and into Marina Beach Park. “It looked and felt more like a summer day than fall,” she says. “With people and children of all ages, walking, sitting, playing or walking their dogs, and others debarking from the Saratoga after their whale-watching cruise.”

Warm regards,
Vicki Hone Smith

4 Replies to “Scene in Edmonds: This is fall?”

  1. The reason we relocated here 37 years ago. It seems as though more people are finding this to be true as the years pass. Good thing the sun, clean air, the sound and the view are still free!!!


  2. Vicki-You captured the Edmonds scene perfectly! Nicely done. Your photographs are so sharp and clear, too.


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