Statements from Edmonds City Council Pos. 6 candidates — and a reminder of our live interview Oct. 9

Here’s a transcript of the three-minute statements from Edmonds City Council Position 6 candidates Susan Paine and Diana White, made during a candidate Meet and Greet event Sept. 8 at Edmonds Center for the Arts. And a reminder that we will be interviewing both candidates live via Facebook Wednesday night, Oct. 9.

You can also see video of the candidates speaking here. The event was sponsored by the Edmonds Neighborhood Action Coalition, Indivisible Edmonds and the Sierra Club.

My Edmonds News Publisher Teresa Wippel will be hosting both Paine and White for a Facebook Live interview starting at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 9. You can watch the interview live at or watch the archived video later, either via Facebook or on My Edmonds News.

Have questions for the candidates? Submit them to or ask them via Facebook during the interview.

Wippel will interview candidates for other council positions, as well as Edmonds mayor, via Facebook Live in coming weeks. You can see the complete schedule here.

Council Position 6

Susan Paine

Hi everybody.  I’m Susan Paine and I’m running for Edmonds City Council.

I’m running because there needs to be a focus on some of the basic issues.  These basic issues are traffic safety, sidewalks and code compliance. We want to make sure that we’ve covered these thoroughly.

Outsize projects have the potential to have unintended consequences on our budget.  Also [we can afford] no more communication misfires that just erode our community’s trust and confidence in our leadership on City Council.  What I’d like to do is to foster extensive outreach and public engagement with our community.

I’m also running to maintain and encourage our parks, open spaces and green spaces and have these available to all of our citizens here in Edmonds. Our green spaces will help be a salve to our soul and restore our strength.  We’re going to slowly lose this.

I believe that Edmonds is at a point in time now where we are going to be facing the sprawl that comes from Seattle. We need to preserve our small-town characteristics and put that into action steps for our city. This includes shifting the focus from our downtown business core and make it a part of what we do throughout all of Edmonds. Our entire community deserves that same level of attention. This attention would be a shift, and it would focus on getting sidewalks, code compliance, and solving the parking issues across the city.

I’d also like to see an effort over on Highway 99. Highway 99 has some blank spots, and in those areas we can put in some residential buildings and focus on small commercial development. Doing this would add to the diversity of businesses here in Edmonds. That’s what I’d like to see, and that’s what we should promote.

I’d like now to tell you a little bit about me. I grew up in Seattle and have lived in the Northwest all my life. I have over 25 years in public service, primarily in working for municipalities. I was a court administrator for about 15 years, and then another 12 years working in the regulatory field in the areas of permitting and safety planning.

I’m a dedicated environmental advocate and I like to work with the Sierra Club.  I’m also part of the Save Our Marsh team. I’m committed to equity and diversity, and preserving those here in Edmonds. I believe that through collaboration, commitment and finding sustainable solutions we can bring success to all of Edmonds.  This is a really special place, and we want to make sure to preserve the elements that attract people to move here and to stay here.

I encourage you to visit my webpage,, and I would appreciate your vote this November.

Diana White

Good evening! I would like to thank ENAC for letting us finish watching the Seahawks game, and also everybody who came out tonight to listen to our candidates.

First, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself and why I’ve decided to run for Edmunds City Council. My husband and I moved to Edmonds almost 20 years ago to raise our four children and to be closer to their grandparents.  It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.  We love the lifelong friends and the connections we’ve made here — in fact many of these same friends are helping on my campaign team and boy, do I owe them after this is all over!

I became involved early on, starting at Edmonds Elementary where I led the efforts to build the playground and walking track, a multi-agency project with a budget of more than $200,000. I have proudly served on the Hazel Miller Foundation for the past eleven years. I’ve served on the Edmonds Diversity Commission, and founded the Teachers Of Color Foundation. My volunteer work includes the Edmonds Food Bank and the Edmonds Center for the Arts.  I have also worked to advance Native American initiatives in our schools and in our community.

You elected me to serve on the Edmonds School Board in 2011, and I thank you for your confidence in that role.  I’m a better person because of it.  I currently serve as board president and I will have served in leadership positions for the majority of my time on the School Board.  My experience there has taught me what a highly functioning team can look like

I am running for Edmonds City Council for several reasons.  First, I see the divisive and bitter politics on the national level, and I do not want to see Edmunds turn into that. Edmonds deserves better. My campaign has not accepted any PAC money, and I am free to think and act based on my experience and the needs of our community. I am committed to effective governance and understand that my role as a councilmember is to set policy, determine budgets and allow staff to work independently.

Edmonds deserves a functional and professional city council that is respectful to each other even when they disagree. Edmonds deserves a City Hall that can attract the best and the brightest people to work here.

I am committed to hearing all voices because it results in better decisions. All voices means engaging and listening to all corners of Edmonds and not just the loudest voices. A core tenet of my life’s work has been diversity, equity and inclusion for all. We must be good fiscal stewards of taxpayer dollars and be aware of excessive consultant fees and surveys being used in lieu of decision making. I will work hard to understand the economic impact of council decisions.

My experience on the Hazel Miller Foundation has helped me to understand the regional issues facing Snohomish County, and how nonprofits and others are working together to solve them. I will use this experience and my connections going forward as we tackle the tough issues facing our city and region.

As I have lived and served in this community over the years, I have learned that Edmonds is a proud and active place with deep roots. I am proud of the contributions that I have made to improve our community and with your vote I will serve Edmonds with integrity and dedication to these ideals.

Thank you very much.


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  1. Thank you to these two women running for the Edmonds City Council. I wish they were running for Mayor. Only men are running for Mayor and I just wonder why? Leadership, how is that defined and why does the city of Edmonds need a separate `leader’ when what is needed is a well considered city council. If success of a project/or other city issues cannot occur within a dedicated city council, then the Mayor resolves this????


  2. I’m just now getting a chance to read the write up. Thank you for providing this – I would only add that I was a Court Administrator, although being a Port Administrator sounds like more fun.

    Thanks My Edmonds News!


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