EPIC Poetry Group: Poet’s Corner — November Breeze, Conic Hill, Kitchen Tao

Here’s the latest installment of Poet’s Corner, presented by the Edmonds-based EPIC Poetry Group.


November Breeze


The hummingbird alit on the tip top point

of the swaying fir tree


She looked like a Christmas ornament

shiny and showy on her perch


Maple leaves pirouetted around her spinning

down to blanket the ground with rose and gelt


I wasn’t looking out the window for a holiday

but there it was


beckoning me toward a season of wonder

free for the taking


Cynthia Hénon

~~ ~ ~

Conic Hill


I heard the cows braying

to one another across the glen

saying I know not what


and the ravens call

another language

which can’t be deciphered

by my large human brain


The willowy wind in the trees

speaking to the grasses

another puzzlement


Sure as my ears can hear

I thought I’d been looking at a hillside

full of heather, only to find

more than half of it was bracken fern

turning brown, going to root for winter


I listen too for the wordless silence of the stones

but likely I’m wrong about them too

Could be they have deep eonic voices

humming melodies light years beyond my ken

Cynthia Hénon

~ ~ ~ ~

Kitchen Tao


Refrigerator hums




Buddha of the kitchen


All the veggies in the crisper

are grateful


Standing in the doorway

buzz of the universe

is audible:


spinning dryer

the whirr of the blender

yowl of a hungry cat


So lucky we are!

to live life

the panorama of emotions


The way ice sticks to your wet fingertips


Even the cold is a gift

when compared to nothingness


Cynthia Hénon

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cynthia Hénon is a poet, yoga teacher, and full time Mama. She proudly participates in the monthly EPIC Poetry Group and her work can be found in their recent anthology, Soundings of the Salish Sea. She lives with her family in beautiful Edmonds.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The EPIC Poetry Group has been in existence for four years. It is open to the members of the public (free of charge) who are interested expressing and improving their poetry writing skills. The group meets the second Tuesday of the month at the Edmonds Library from 6-7:45 p.m.


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