Former Congressman Brian Baird to speak about Israel/Palestine at Edmonds United Methodist Nov. 8

The Palestine/Israel Network presents the documentary Gaza Fights for Freedom by Abby Martin on Friday, Nov. 8, from 7-9 p.m. at Edmonds United Methodist Church.

The new film, described in a church announcement as “hard-hitting and sometimes violent,” will be introduced by Brian Baird, former congressman and current Edmonds resident. Baird, who has traveled to Gaza on five occasions, will also answer questions about Gaza and how Congress deals with the Israel/Palestine conflict. Light refreshments will be served. 

Edmonds United Methodist Church is located at 828 Caspers St. in Edmonds.

4 Replies to “Former Congressman Brian Baird to speak about Israel/Palestine at Edmonds United Methodist Nov. 8”

  1. Israel’s civil and military personnel left Gaza in 2005, leaving it to the PLO. The borders were much easier to cross. There was no blockade. An airport was opened with flights to Cairo. Gazans crossed into Israel every day to work.

    Hamas took over in 2007. Hamas now owns Gaza. They terrorize and execute Gazans who oppose them. Rockets, tunnels, suicide attacks – that’s why there’s an Israeli and Egyptian blockade and the borders with Israel and Egypt are closed. .

    Gulf Arab nations have provided untold millions of $$$$ to Gaza. Hamas has stolen most of the funds to buy arms and dig tunnels.

    Freedom for Gaza? Maybe when they behave like civilized human beings. Right now, the only freedom Hamas wants is to destroy Israel and kill Jews.


  2. Mitch, do you happen to be with the Israeli Hasbara group ‘Stand With Us’? There are thousands of Israeli (along with American and European Jewish) advocates of non-violence and peace-building with their Palestinian Muslim and Christian neighbors, and they stand up for an end to the Occupation and settler colonialism. As the film clearly illustrated, Hamas is by no means the only ‘party’ in Gaza; some like ‘Islamic Jihad’ are indeed much more extremist in their interpretation of Islam, but as you can read in Yousef Bashir’s book ‘The Words of My Father’ there are also many Gazans who advocate non-violence and oppose corruption whether in Gaza, the West Bank OR Israel (where as you perhaps are aware Netanyahu faces charges of corruption in the Israeli court system.)


  3. Mr Berg, I suggest we meet to discuss our differences. My phone number is listed.
    As described below, this subject is much too large and complicated to be settled on line.

    I have no connection to Stand With Us. They are an overt advocate of Israel, especially when it is being demonized and denigrated on college campuses. As for “Hasbara”, it is based on the Hebrew word for “explanation”. But the word has a semantically negative connotation – it is dismissed as propaganda, thus removing a valuable information source, even though you may not like or agree with the content.

    Wikipedia with each article’s multiple sources is a better place to start understanding a region with an excess of complicated history.
    (note that each article has links to multiple sources)
    Some places to start:
    -1949 War & Refugees:
    Palestine – start here then select each subject
    – Palestine (region), a geographical and historical region in the Middle East
    – State of Palestine,
    – Palestinian territories,
    – Palestinian National Authority

    We may not agree, but perhaps we can each learn something.

    Starbucks or Café Ladro – your choice.


    1. Mr. Grayson, I would also add two books to your reference list (best read in order) which serve as primers for understanding the Middle East from World War I, leading to the conflicts and confusion that continue to this day. The first is “A Peace to End All Peace” by David Fromkin. And the second is, “From Beirut to Jerusalem” by Thomas Friedman.


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