Scouts launch unique fundraiser: Collecting candidates’ campaign signs

Scouts and leaders with signs collected as of Nov. 9. (Photo courtesy Troop 300)

Members of local BSA Scout Troop 300 have been busy during the past several days with a unique fundraiser: collecting the campaign signs of local political candidates.

According to Josh Johnson, Troop 300 Scoutmaster, scouts and their adult leaders started picking up signs in the cities of Edmonds and Lynnwood after election night Tuesday, Nov. 5, then had them available for candidates to pick up on Sunday, Nov. 10.

The troop reached out via email to local candidates, offering them a “win-win-win solution”: Supervised by adult leaders, the scouts would gather the candidates’ campaign signs on public rights of way and from private properties that are within 10 feet of the curb and safely accessible. In return, candidates would donate $1 per sign to the scouts.

“We will collect, stack and wrap your signs, and have them ready for pick-up,” Johnson wrote. “While collecting the signs, scouts will wear their uniforms, obey all traffic and pedestrian laws, and adhere to the Scout Law: ‘A Scout is courteous and kind.'”

As to how the scouts will use the proceeds, Johnson noted that the troop usually does popcorn sales, but this year they have a trip planned to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico, which requires additional fundraising efforts.

11 Replies to “Scouts launch unique fundraiser: Collecting candidates’ campaign signs”

  1. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this. Election season, after election season there has been a problem with signs bot being collected in a timely manner or at all. Thank you BSA Troop 300.


  2. Thank you! I noticed that lots of signs were gone quickly! It’s a pet peeve of mine that so many hang out longer than they’re supposed to. Brilliant win win idea!


  3. .This not only saves our eyes but it saves trees if the re~use the stakes and store them until they need to go out and buy LESS next time around.

    THANK YOU TO the young people for setting an example of how community works!


  4. Hi Scouts
    What a great project – I am out of town and hope u picked up signs at 601 Main – Edmonds – loving the scouts from afar.


  5. A huge thank you to Edmonds Boy Scout Troop 300 for providing this service! It’s a truly brilliant idea, and so appreciated by those of us who benefited— candidates and community alike!


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