Snohomish County says it continues to process election-day surge of ballots; Nelson maintains lead for mayor

As the latest voting results are released, Snohomish County Elections said Friday it continues to process the strong surge of ballots from Tuesday’s election.

According to county officials, 87,000 ballots were either dropped at a drop box or returned through the mail on Election Day, matching the Election Day returns in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Snohomish County Elections will continue to process and count ballots over the weekend, releasing results at 5 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 9, and on Veterans Day, Monday, Nov. 11. It’s anticipated about 25,000 to 30,000 ballots will be added with each count. Election results are available at

According to a county announcement, ballot counting is a technology-supported but labor-intensive process. When a ballot envelope is returned, an elections employee must match the signature on the ballot envelope against the signature maintained for the voter in the statewide voter registration system. Only once the signature has been verified do elections staff remove the ballots from their envelopes and scan them on counting equipment.

Late arriving, on-time ballots can be received until Nov. 25, the day before results are certified as final. As a result, counting will continue weekdays after Monday, Nov. 11 whenever there are more than 500 ballots to count.

Friday’s election returns showed no major changes in local races, with Mike Nelson holding a 600-vote lead over Neil Tibbott for Edmonds mayor and the frontrunners maintaining their advantage for four Edmonds City Council seats.

City of Edmonds Mayor 

Mike Nelson 6396 52.26%

Neil Tibbott 5800 47.39%

Write-in 43 0.35%

Total 12239 100.00%


City of Edmonds Council Position 4 

Jenna Nand 4370 38.43%

Diane Buckshnis 6942 61.05%

Write-in 59 0.52%

Total 11371 100.00%


City of Edmonds Council Position 5 

Alicia Crank 4925 42.57%

Vivian Olson 6613 57.17%

Write-in 30 0.26%

Total 11568 100.00%


City of Edmonds Council Position 6

Susan Paine 6302 54.91%

Diana White 5133 44.72%

Write-in 42 0.37%

Total 11477 100.00%


City of Edmonds Council Position 7 

Nathan Monroe 5296 46.04%

Laura Johnson 6181 53.73%

Write-in 26 0.23%

Total 11503 100.00%



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