Here’s more information about ESD bond measure on Feb. 11 ballot

The Edmonds School District is providing additional information on the $600 million construction bond measure before voters Feb. 11 to build two new schools, replace three others and cover the cost of other district-wide building improvements.

If approved, the bond would allow for a new middle school on the former Alderwood Middle School campus, a new elementary school near Lynnwood High School and the replacement of one middle and two elementary schools.

The bond would also cover the cost to complete the second phase of Spruce Elementary School’s renovations, as well as the construction of an Innovative Learning Center, which would serve as the new location for Scriber Lake High School and possibly other alternative learning programs.

You can learn more at the Q and A link,  You can also check out the list of the 2020 Bond and Levy projects for each schoo herel.

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  1. Hi Donald, you always ask short questions. The short answer is McCleary Funding does not figure into Bond issues for schools.

    Here is a more complete answer. First go to the links in the article above to learn a bit more about how this bonding amount came about. When you are reading that material you will also see a link to an enrollment study that has several interesting points. I was honored to serve on both teams and learned a lot about school funding.

    McCleary funding is an obligation on the part of the State to provide funding for basic education. The State increased our property tax and used other sources of money to provide about $15,000 per child back to ESD.

    Since Basic education does not fund the rest of what we do for the kids, like class size, nurses, extra activities like the debate club, and sports. The 295 local districts are allow to have a local levy to fund these added needs. Not positive of the exact number we can raise locally but it used to be $1500 per kid but I think it went up a bit with the last legislator. So McCleary and the local levy goes to education.

    The Bond issue in the article is for the school buildings. That still is a local decision. Also things like computers and other technology is funded with Bonds. When the team visited almost all the schools we were sadden that so many of our building are just not up to standards for today. Security, class room configurations, space for food service, gym, band and other music programs are sadly lacking at some of the buildings that are 50+ years old. I saw an make shift office made out of a utility closet. Also saw kids doing work in hallways when no room space is available. Read the article on the link and you will see we found the need for $1.7B of buildings but this Bond is asking for $600m.

    Sorry for the long answer but funding issues are much more complex than just a short answer. Hope that helps.


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