Letter to the editor: Alicia Crank most qualified for open Edmonds City Council seat


I originally sent this letter to support Alicia Crank during the election. Everything I wrote applies to her submission for the open city council seat. Many people support adding diversity to the council. I totally agree. Alicia is the most qualified for the position and meets the need for diversity.

Alicia Crank is the most qualified candidate for city council because of her demonstrated ability to lead. When she arrived in Edmonds over five years ago, she immediately got involved with the local community. This was nothing new for her. In the Bay Area, Alicia had participated in an equal number of activities.

In Mountain View, Alicia was the Director for Leadership Mountain View (a program very similar to Leadership Snohomish County) for six years. In the online newspaper (patch.com/California/mountainview/leadership-mountain-view-director-steps-down), they wrote “Alicia‘s guidance and direction took the leadership program to a new level of awareness and physical sustainability. Alicia‘s talents, expertise and extraordinary energy will be missed in the community. She could always be seen around town making connections and sharing her knowledge.”

This is exactly what she has brought to Edmonds, starting with her appointment to the Sister City Commission. She also served on the board of the Chamber of Commerce, the Senior Center and the Noon Rotary Club. She currently serves as the vice chair of the Snohomish County Airport Commission. I first realized her talent while watching her on the Planning Board. Alicia always arrives completely prepared for the meeting. The questions she asks are always on point and clarifying.

I participated in the International Women’s Day event that started as an opportunity for a few girls to attend a screening of the Captain Marvel movie and attend a panel with women in the community offering advice about the future. This began as a small event for about 100 girls with local women sponsoring. Eventually this became an event that included a networking luncheon for Edmonds working women and a screening for about 400 kids. Most importantly she had managed to get sponsorship from the Seattle Storm, Alaska Airlines and Swedish Medical Center, among other companies.

Alicia’s corporate connections enable her to draw on a large resource pool. She also has a large contingent of local people who are only too happy to follow her into the fray. Alicia left a career in corporate banking to pursue her passion for community involvement.

As a woman of color and a two-time cancer survivor, she has faced obstacles. Alicia doesn’t make excuses. She just keeps moving forward in a quest to improve the community. These qualities make Alicia the best candidate for the open position on Edmonds City Council. Most of all, Alicia is fearless.

Denise Miller

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  1. I, too, think Alicia will bring a unique voice to the City Council that would enrich our city. And she is a bridge-builder. Her unique skill to actively listen to differing points of view without polarizing the conversation is most needed in the development of public policy in our city. She’s a critical thinker. As a Women of Color who is widely embraced and valued throughout diverse sectors of our community, she would fill a gap that is now missing on the council. In addition to Alicia’s rich involvements with local business, community and civil entities, she would add another needed voice from citizens who live ‘outside the bowl’, specifically around the Highway 99 corridor — a growing demographic of our city too often ignored by city leadership! It would be a profound and forwarding-thinking move for the Edmonds City Council to select Alicia Crank as our new council member.

    Donnie Griffin
    Founder – Lift Every Voice Legacy


  2. I cannot improve on the previous comments and letter. I also couldn’t agree more. It would be a savvy move to appoint Alicia to the Council.


  3. In a My Edmonds News article, written by Teresa Wippel, November 14, 2019, Wippel devotes five paragraphs to Vivian Olson acknowledging, apologizing and asking for forgiveness. Olson repeatedly demonstrates lack of competence, or disregard for rules, or forethought (one example in regard to children and their parents’ consent).

    By electing Vivian Olson, did Edmonds vote in more of the same, of what a large populous claimed they wanted removed from the Council?

    Many citizens used this opportunity to make derogatory comments toward Alicia. Ms. Wippel conducted the interview, wrote and published the article. Every time, Vivian Olson, acknowledged her wrongdoing.

    It’s one thing to win, it is quite another to elect a candidate who repeatedly acts incompetently and continuously apologizes and ask for forgiveness:

    …”(Olson wrote a letter to the editor in October apologizing for that [use of a Citizens Tree Board photo]) and her plan to use a photo of her daughter’s high school soccer team, wearing game day t-shirts and holding her campaign sign, without the permission of their parents.

    In an interview Wednesday, Olson apologized for both incidents, stating her intent was to show through the photos various aspects of her community involvement. “I regret that — I should have taken more time plowing through the rules and learning what the rules were,” she said.

    Another incident Crank cited involved face painting at a recent Edmonds Day of the Dead celebration, when Olson said she asked a school acquaintance of her daughters — who was doing traditional face painting at the event — to paint her campaign symbol on the face of her supporters. Olson was criticized for cultural appropriation after she displayed a photo on her Facebook page of one child wearing the painted logo, and so she removed the photo.

    “Again, I regret that,” Olson said.

    “Shortcomings in my knowledge led to missteps including ads highlighting different hats I have worn over the years (the “Soccer Mom” one with my daughter and her t-shirted teammates among them),” Olson added in a written statement. “I hope those hurt will accept my sincere apology and give me a chance to re-earn their trust.””

    To avoid a bit of this in the future, perhaps the City could look into rules and enforcement for future campaigns.

    Ms. Alicia Crank is professional, knowledgeable and is experienced in government, budget, private sector and nonprofits.

    How was she not elected?


  4. I applaud all the True and honest words written about Alicia Crank – I supported Alicia after seeing her in action On the planning board. In fact I said to her “I wish you would run for city council “ and she did while enduring chemo therapy – if she isn’t chosen it is our loss.


  5. You ask “how was she not elected?” If you re-read your own comments, maligning her winning opponent, you answered your own question. She lost because she did not win over the hearts and minds of the majority of voters.


  6. Our council and our town will benefit from Alicia’s appointment to the open seat. Her experience, her dedication to this community, it’s everything you hope for in a council person. Her appearance in the candidate Q&A videos on MyEdmonds News was easily one of the strongest of any candidate. And anyone who’s had the pleasure of having a personal conversation with Alicia, you would know what a kind, smart, funny, and generous person she is. I hope we have the privilege of Alcia’s appointment to the open seat!


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