Letter to the editor: Supporting Jenna Nand for vacant Position 2 Edmonds City Council seat


With the election of Mike Nelson as mayor, Edmonds City Council must appoint a person to fill the vacancy. I am writing in support of appointing Jenna Nand, a long-time Edmonds resident and practicing attorney who has what it takes to make Edmonds a thriving city for all its residents.

As someone who has worked in the world of politics and government, I know that the secret to effective governance is the ability to work well with everyone, regardless of their ideology, while also having a long-term vision of your own. I know Jenna and I know she has these qualities.

Jenna has a vision for our city while also understanding that compromise and diplomacy are the only way a city council can actually get things done. Her vision includes keeping Edmonds affordable and inclusive to all while maintaining the unique character of our city. She understands that these two goals are not mutually exclusive.

While I have visited Edmonds my whole life, I have only recently become an Edmonds resident. I moved here precisely because it is a safe, quiet, and increasingly diverse city with opportunity for all, regardless of age, gender, or race. It will take vision and action to maintain and improve upon Edmonds’ best qualities. It takes a uniquely qualified person to make Edmonds the best version of itself it can be. Jenna is this person.

She attends Edmonds City Council meetings regularly, she is active in local politics, and has been serving on the Climate Protection Committee since 2017. Jenna is ready to dive in and start getting things done.

I hope the Edmonds City Council will appoint Jenna Nand to fill the position #2 vacancy.

Samir Junejo

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