Letter to the editor: Thank you, mayor and council


As the year is about to come to an end, so does the role of four amazing individuals who have served our city with distinction.

I want to express my sincerest thank you to Mayor Earling and City Council Members Tibbott, Mesaros and Teitzel.

It has always been clear to me that

  • You love this city
  • You take your role seriously
  • You have sacrificed a lot in service of this community
  • You do what you believe is right
  • Individually and as a group you have protected this city and made it better

We each get only so many heart beats in this life and that you have given so many of yours in service of this city is remarkable and inspiring.

On any given council agenda you will be making decisions that will impact several generations on topics ranging from police and fire protection, budget, taxes, the marsh, the arts, waterfront connector, trees, transportation, parking, gun control, road maintenance, homelessness, housing, parks, land use, cell service, Highway 99, wayside horns, waterfront center, water quality, sewers, climate change, utility rates, vender contracts, opioid impacts, diversity, business health… to name just a very few.

To do this you must attend council meetings, committee meetings, hearings, public meetings, liaison meetings, and public events. And, you need to prepare for each – Your council packets are typically more than 200 pages. It’s a lot of time and you sure don’t do it for the money or the recognition.

Each of you leaving will be sorely missed, for many reasons.

I have two asks:

First, to those who will not be returning, you have more than earned a break, but we still need you. Please continue to give us the benefit of your wisdom and experience.

Second, to those who are returning, and the newly elected mayor and councilmembers, thank you for the willingness to serve and what you are about to undertake. I encourage all of us to put the campaign behind us and show how Edmonds is not like other places and that 42,000 people can actually get along, make hard choices and enjoy each other. More than once, we have shown that we share many common values and we come together for the common good.

Please have the courage to resist the pressure to make decisions because of special interest or the loudest voice. And, as history has taught us, sometimes even the majority is wrong. Let Edmonds be the city that sets the national standard for collaboration, cooperation, civility and making good decisions.

I end with the two words I started with, and they do not begin to express how grateful I am to each of you, Thank you!

Mike Rosen

10 Replies to “Letter to the editor: Thank you, mayor and council”

  1. Thank you Mr Rosen for a wonderful letter. And thank you for taking the time to express what so many of us feel.
    Edmonds is a special place to live.
    Evelyn Drexel


    1. Agree whole-heartedly! Thank you for articulating this! Thank you Mayor and Councilmembers! Your time and dedication are very much appreciated (both outgoing and incoming).


  2. Mr. Rosen, you speak with clarity, compassion, and truth. What a wonderful letter you have written to those who have served this community. You certainly speak for our family. Thank you. Linda Mae


  3. Can you enlighten us on what you’re insinuating here?
    “And, as history has taught us, sometimes even the majority is wrong.”

    How are we all supposed to take the high road and get along, when you are saying things like this? You’re being disingenuous and alienating over half of the populous.


  4. Anyone who seeks out and agrees to take on the ill monetarily rewarded position of City Council Person is a hero in my book whether I agree with them or not about many or most things. They are truly people more dedicated to duty and service than to personal gain in most cases I think. The Mayoral position is a little different due to the much higher compensation involved but, as I’ve stated before here, it’s definitely not a 9 to 5 proposition and people willing to take it on should be appreciated for the effort and time commitments involved. Best of luck to these four public servants (a very positive title in my opinion) as they move on to other things in life. In this day and age the concepts of “right” and “wrong” seem to be more and more ill defined and much more subjective which makes public service that much more difficult.


  5. Good point, Mr. Wright, about Edmonds City Council being ill rewarded monetarily. Even a parttime job should pay better than $1333 a month. I spoke before the citizens Salary Commission and urged a substantial pay increase for councilmembers, but my advice was ignored. They gave our City Council a pay increase of just $20 a week. Maybe they didn’t intend this as an insult or a rebuke to City Council, but it sure seems that way to me.


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