Letter to the editor: Why Will Chen should serve on the Edmonds City Council

Dear Editor:

We recommend the appointment of Will Chen to the vacancy on the Council because he is not just an ordinary concerned citizen. Mr. Chen has lived in Edmonds for 10 years and operates a successful business here these past five years. He has personal motivations for Edmonds to prosper as well as concern for the rest of the residents. Will is excited to help this city he loves and his neighbors to give them even deeper roots and civic pride.

One of Will’s passions for Edmonds is the area along State Route 99 which really needs fresh direction to present us to passing traffic and better serve the public.

Most of us use the highway often and those passing through get the same impression we do that development in many areas along it is lagging behind. We all love our beautiful Bowl, downtown and the waterfront, but this area at the top of the hill really needs to catch up to be a presentable gateway to Edmonds.

We also have lived in Edmonds for years and know of many people struggling to keep their homes on limited incomes and are challenged using city services by transportation and language. There is a great opportunity for Edmonds here along the whole length of highway 99 to work on higher density development of mixed-use commercial and multi-family housing among other improvements. Those with transportation or mobility difficulty as well as those who want to reduce their carbon emissions conveniently should be included in the vision for Edmonds’ development as the population increases.

We believe Will Chen is an excellent candidate to serve on the City Council with his understanding of the issues of living and working in Edmonds and has good relationships with so many residents who are concerned with these issues. When I talk to Will, he listens to understand my views and always considers wide perspectives as he strives for complete solutions.

We fervently endorse Will Chen for appointment to the open position on Edmonds City Council.


Kurt & Helen Frenter
13-year residents of Edmonds

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  1. Observing the Edmonds Citizen Housing Coalition Meetings, Will Chen volunteered multiple times to do additional work. At present, one of the primary topics of the Coalition is Outreach, getting information to and from Edmonds citizens. Among Mr. Chen’s contributions, he is insistent on the necessity of the inclusion of minority populations in the outreach process. He has volunteered to help with written and in-person communications, and is ready to go door to door on behalf of the Housing Commission. From observing Mr. Chen, given the opportunity, Will would be more active in communicating with citizens to hear ideas regarding Edmonds housing. He abides the rules, and takes advantage of opportunities to work.


  2. Will Chen has a vested interest in Edmonds, living and working in the City, being very involved in the community with his support of the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce as an Ambassador, as City of Edmonds Housing Commissioner and with leadership as President of the Seattle Bing Kung Association. Will Chen obtained his Master’s degree in accounting, and became a Certifited Public Accountant (CPA). Will also earned his second Master’s degree in business administration from Western Washington University while he was working full time at Kimberly Clark Corporation in Everett, WA. He started his own accounting firm in 2012. Since then he has made strong ties in the international and local communities. Will has committed to being present the past 6 months at the City Council meetings listening and learning as much as he can so that if the opportunity arises he will be ready to serve his City of Edmonds in an educated and thoughtful manner. I have come to know and deeply respect Will Chen over the past year as a business man and as a Chamber member. I hope that the City Council will offer him their deepest consideration for the current council position that is vacant.


  3. I’m writing in strong support of Will Chen to fill the Position 2 vacant seat on the Edmonds City Council.
    My friend Will is a CPA and active member of the Chamber of Commerce living and practicing in Edmonds. He serves the local community, including the Chinese-American community, on several charitable boards and the Citizen’s Housing Commission. Will is a diligent hard worker who is always generous with his time and service. He would bring a welcome diversity to the Council and would also be a valuable bridge to the minorities along the Edmonds Highway 99 corridor.

    I encourage the City Council to select Will Chen to join your efforts to continue to make Edmonds a better place to live and work for all of us. He will be a valuable asset to the Council!


  4. I agree with these recommendations and letters of support for Will Chen to serve on the Edmonds City Council. Will’s credentials are certainly noteworthy. He’s a business owner and also holds multiple degrees including an MBA from WWU. I had the pleasure of studying along side Will and believe that he represents a fresh approach to leadership that includes fiscal responsibility and also strategies to solving problems and challenges that can be sustainable.

    As a longtime property owner in Edmonds (35+ years), former city resident (12+ years) and Edmonds taxpayer, I think it’s high time to open the door to new faces and fresh ideas. Will Chen is just such a person.

    Too often, leaders in government try to solve problems by spending money. The problem doesn’t get solved and so the next step is to budget even MORE money without any assurance that the solution is connected. You needn’t look far to find examples of this in our city, county or region.

    Will would be a great addition to the Edmonds City Council.


  5. I supports Will Chen to serve on the City Edmonds council. I have known Will Chen for more than 10 years. We went to the same church and we’re also the neighbors in Edmonds. He often cooked and served the food to the church members after the worship. He has a great tender heart for those elders and needy people. Will Chen has been living and working as a CPA in the City of Edmonds. He cares the City of Edmonds very much and is actively involved in the community with his support of the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce as an Ambassador, as City of Edmonds Housing Commissioner and with leadership as President of the Seattle Bing Kung Association. Will Chen is a highly educated and intelligent person. He is ready to serve the City of Edmonds with his servant heart and his financial knowledge. Will Chen will be a great addition to City Council.


  6. Will Chen serving as council member will benefit greatly to the City Edmonds. I have known Will for many years and work closely in the last 3 years serving Club 808, a 503 organization, promoting golf in Chinese/Asian communities. The organization is run all by volunteers. Will is the CFO for the Club 808. He is dedicated, focused, detail-oriented and a great guy to work with. He has streamlined our organization’s financial processes and has spent countless hours and resources without compensation. He has strong connections in Asian and business communities and is serving in key positions of various organizations. The community needs more people like Will Chen. I strongly recommend Will to the city council.


  7. When I heard Will Chen was considering running for Edmonds City council, I was happy to support his bid for a Edmonds City council seat, I have known and worked with will in the community several years. Will’s dedication and work ethic was are assets that will serve the city well, Will served as a Board member of the Chong Wa Benevolent Association and served as our treasure. Will also serves as President of the Bing Kung Association. I urge the people of Edmonds to consider Will Chen a very capable and qualified candidate for the City of Edmonds City council position.

    Kevin Lee
    President Chong Wa Benevolent Association


  8. I supports Will Chen to serve on the City Edmonds council. I have known Will Chen since the co-work at Kimberly Clark Corporation. He fully demonstrate our values of Kimberly Clark. During internal control auditing around the world, he believe in continuing our heritage of honesty, integrity and courageously doing the right thing.
    He is also truly respecting each other and caring for the communities where we live and work, makes his company and association pariciated more successful.
    I believe Will Chen will bring more valuable experiences to contribute the City of Edmonds.
    Nelson Chang
    Distribution Centers Manger
    Kimberly Clark Corporation


  9. 1/6/2020

    Dear Editor:

    We recommend the appointment of Will Chen to the vacancy on the Edmonds City Council. Will has been active within the larger Asian community for the past 10+ years and has demonstrated professionalism, a reputation of personal integrity and trustworthiness. We served on the Chong Wa Benevolent Association Board of Trustees together for many years, his passion and energy to get things done were well regarded. Even though he relocated his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) office to Edmonds, he is still involved in the Seattle Chinese community. He continues and serves on key positions of several Chinese Community Associations. With the current and projected growth in the region, a professional like Will Chen will be an asset to the Council.

    I am not yet a resident of the City of Edmonds, but as an Architect, I have the opportunity to work in the City, and have friends/clients who call the City home. When the time comes, I also plan to retire in Edmonds, a jewel on the coast of the Puget Sound.

    Paul Wu, AIA
    Wu Architecture


  10. I recommend Will Chen being appointed to the vacancy in the Edmonds city council. Edmonds has great geographical location which brings the most potential for Edmonds to be the most beautiful city in the states. Lots people enjoy a tour around there, including me. It becomes a short day vacation place to me. Then, I also see it has not been fully developed as it can be and some area that has worried by business owner in Edmonds. By knowing Will for many years, seeing what he has done for many charity groups, his caring about Edmonds, and what he is willing to put his time and effort to make the city more beautiful, less concern, and great for business owners, I highly recommend to have Will Chen filled the vacancy seat to bring Edmonds a great city to live and tour.


  11. I support Will Chens appointment to the Edmonds city council. New individuals bring new ideas and Mr. Chen being Asian can bring a possibly different perspective to how to approach community issues. His background as a CPA would be invaluable in financial issues. I feel that he will serve the community well at this post. I am a resident of Edmonds since 2011 and enjoy the small town warmth of the community. The city councils decisions to community matters will cause our beautiful city to grow in a positive or negative direction, lets grow in a positive direction, appoint Mr. Chen.


  12. Dear Editor,

    I highly recommend Will Chen for the vacant position on the Edmonds City Council. Will is a residence in the city of Edmonds for a long time. He loves the city and always want to help improve the city and serve the residents. Will is a highly educated immigrant and a successful businessman. He is the founder of a CPA firm located in the city of Edmonds. He understands the need of balancing the growth of the city and improve the neighborhood to a better place for all.

    I was the Chairman of the Board from 2017 through 2019 at Club 808, which is a 501c(3) non profit organization. Will Chen served as a book keeper for Club 808 during the past three years. I was deeply impressed with his dedication, service quality and devotion to public services. He wan not only volunteer his time to our organization but also donate money and sponsor our golf tournaments. I trust that with his willingness to listen to people, mindset to serve people from his heart, attitude to work with peers and ability to solve problem, his vision to lead, Will Chen is a perfect candidate to be a council member at Edmond City.

    Roger Guo
    Chairman of the Board (2017 – 2019)
    Club 808


  13. I also highly recommend Will Chen for the vacant position on the Edmonds City Council. Will is a resident in the city of Edmonds and will be a voice for our vibrant international community.


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