Teens invited to Edmonds Youth Forum Dec. 10

Teens are invited to a forum hosted by the Edmonds Youth Commission this Tuesday, Dec. 10. The forum will provide a space for teenagers to voice their opinions about a range of different subtopics including socioeconomic diversity, LGBTQ+ issues, racial inequality and gender issues.

Teens ages 13-18 years old are invited to attend the forum from 3:30-5:30 p.m. Dec. 10 in the Edmonds Library Plaza Room.

For more information, contact Casey Colley, youth commission coordinator, at 425-275-4751 or casey.colley@edmondswa.gov.

3 Replies to “Teens invited to Edmonds Youth Forum Dec. 10”

  1. The “range of different subtopics” is really just one topic, gender dysphoria. Millenials are broke, and the next generation is set to be worse off. Teens today are practically coached to believe that being gay or trans is the most interesting or valuable aspect of their lives. No employer will care who they sleep with. Teens should worry about jobs, careers, health, confidence, future political and economic responsibilities. If you’re inheriting the world, grow a pair.


    1. There are twice as many disabled teens as there are teens that are in the LBGTAA++ community. The average gay man experiences less unemployment, higher income, longer life expectancy, and they usually don’t opt to start a family so those stresses and burdens don’t have to be on their shoulders unless they chose. Life is a lot easier thanks to a successful civil rights movement (that is technically over). Disabled teens, as an example, aren’t a subtopic of this forum. The sidewalks in Edmonds are horrible. The Edmonds Youth Commission should elevate the subtopics that affect the most vulnerable if vulnerability is the objective of youth outreach. Get in line because someone else is usually worse off.

      Is College worth it anymore?

      What will the job market look like in the next recession and what careers could they prepare themselves for that are more recession-proof?


  2. Way to go Youth Commission!!! It’s so great that you create a platform for the teens of our community to voice their ideas and opinions about these topics. Keep up the good work. I wish there were forums like this when i was a teen.


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