100 Rick Steves tour guides to descend on Edmonds Jan. 21-28

Rick Steves tour guides Concepcion Delgado and Federico Garcia Barroso step it up along Edmonds’ 4th Avenue in 2017. (File photo courtesy Rick Steves Europe)

From Jan. 21-28, you may see kilts, dirndls, lederhosen, berets, and lots of fun-loving Europeans around Edmonds.  That’s because Rick Steves is hosting his annual week-long tour guides’ summit in Edmonds, flying in his guides from around Europe.

Saturday, Jan. 25 is the big day for the public: About 1,500 travelers will come to town as Steves and his staff host a series of “Alumni Parties” for those who joined the tours in 2019. Steves’ guides will give a series of free “test drive a tour guide” talks at the Edmonds Theater and the Edmonds Center for the Arts (reservations at www.ricksteves.com). And at 7 p.m. Jan. 25, Steves will tell the story of his career in “An Irreverent History of Rick Steves’ Europe” at 7 p.m. at the Edmonds Center for the Arts. The talk is free and open to the public.


4 Replies to “100 Rick Steves tour guides to descend on Edmonds Jan. 21-28”

  1. This is a great event for Edmonds. With 1500 people coming to town for many hours it raises the question of how can we help a business like ETBD. Guests have complained about getting parking tickets during the event. The latest parking survey pointed out issues with this and other events like July 4th, Saturday Market, and other “large draw” events. Some ideas that can be considered. 1. Suspend enforcement for none holiday events. 2. Expand downtown parking with more lots parking facilities (garage). 3. Use the trolley to shuttle folks. 4. Offer online day of event parking passes, like employee and residents can buy.

    Our down town area offers things not available anywhere else; waterfront, dive park, fishing pier, restaurants, and a downtown business area not available anywhere for miles around. And soon we will have a gem of a park in Civic Park.

    After the parking survey the public and council were briefed and a number of ideas could have been develop further. Council did not create any direction that would lead to gathering more ideas and data to work on parking issues. Maybe the new council could step up the effort to move forward. It is not on their planning calendar to be address anytime this year.

    Hopefully our “guests” for the ETBD will see that they need to move their cars every 3 hours.


  2. All these tour guides flying in. What a carbon foot print!!! And just to raise more business for Rick Steves, which I did appreciate before we became aware of the seriousness of the Climate Crisis. We (business owners) have to start thinking of other ways to make $/not inadvertently promote environmental pollution.


  3. I meant to send this long ago. My daughters and I went to Scotland last June/July on a tour with Colin Mairs and Charlie. We had a wonderful time and I wrote this poem to remember our visit and in honor of our tour guides:

    Ten days in Scotland on Rich Steve’s tour
    We covered a lot of country and could not ask for more.

    Colin in his kilt greeted us with a smile
    Charlie added to our quest, mile after mile

    Edinburgh had summer heat not yet felt this year
    But the rest of Scotland had cold and wind and woolens were so dear

    We walked and talked and dined and chatted
    Made friends, each day was well formatted

    Castles, Kings, Clans and such
    We learned why all matter so much

    Experienced travelers and those new to this game
    All got what was needed. Life will ne’er be the same

    Lovely scenery, corny jokes from a singing guide
    Drambuie at the river’s side

    Days of travel – nights for sleep
    Interesting places in our memories will keep

    Though we may ne’er name the Lochs in such a quick way
    We shall always remember the River Tay

    If you have the opportunity, take the opportunity was oft quoted
    All buddy checks should always be duly noted

    Coach drivers with with and superb skills of navigation
    Provided us wit safety round this great nation

    Lochs, rivers, Bens and valleys
    Hairy Coos, dogs and sheep – all made our tallies

    A crannog or two, A poem now and then
    Make us wish it wasn’t quite the end

    So thank you for the memories that we shall treasure
    And tours in the future we shall surely endeavor!


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