Edmonds Police Blotter: Dec. 31-Jan. 7

Dec. 31

21800 block 84th Avenue West: A traffic stop led to a negligent driving charge.

7400 block 212th Street Southwest: A DUI arrest was made following a traffic stop.

7800 block 206th Street Southwest: A caller told police that he paid subject $400 for vehicle bodywork that turned out poorly.

7400 block 215th Street Southwest: A locking mailbox was broken open and a package stolen.

22500 block 76th Avenue West:  A storage unit was burglarized.

23600 block Highway 99: Police arrested a  shoplift suspect who was was found with a VISA card not belonging to him. He was later charged for possession of stolen property.

23900 block 96th Place West: Police received a report of a woman who was continuing to contact her ex-boyfriend after being told multiple times to stop.

22200 block Highway 99: A girlfriend assaulted her boyfriend.

203010 block 81st Avenue West: A burglary was committed at a residence and money was stolen.

24100 block Highway 99: A man’s bag with personal items was stolen from a store.

200 block 4th Avenue North: A resident discovered a damaged window.

Jan. 1

7600 block 230th Street Southwest: Suspect was arrested for 4th-degree domestic violence assault.

21900 block 89th Avenue West: A verbal argument occurred between a boyfriend and girlfriend.

8100 block 238th Street Southwest: A man with a warrant was arrested for breaking a business display and damaging merchandise.

22200 block Highway 99: Police responded to a report of a male and female arguing. The male was arrested for an outstanding warrant.

22400 block Highway 99: A driver was arrested for DUI.

23000 block Edmonds Way:  A vehicle with two firearms inside was stolen.

21900 block Highway 99: A man was using illegal narcotics behind a business.

23900 block Highway 99: A family had an argument.

7300 block 215th Street Southwest: An argument occurred between family members because of noise.

8400 block 244th Street Southwest: A woman was cited for criminal trespass.

Jan. 2

8300 block 214th Place Southwest: A credit card was stolen from a local residence’s mailbox.

23200 block Highway 99: A verbal domestic disturbance occurred.

22200 block Highway 99: Police responded to a fire department call for unresponsive male. Possible heroin overdose.

Jan. 3

8100 block 238th Street Southwest: A disturbance occurred at a convenience store when a man attempted to steal cigarillos and the clerk fought him off.

6800 block 196th Street Southwest:  Police provided a assist to Lynnwood PD for a robbery suspect.

21300 block Highway 99: A subject was arrested for driving with a suspended license.

200 block 2nd Avenue South: A construction worker was shot by a BB gun.

17100 block Sea Lawn Drive: Identity theft was reported.

21900 block Highway 99: A woman was arrested for theft and a misdemeanor warrant.

70 block West Main Street: A man got his car stuck on the railroad tracks.

22100 block 39th Avenue West: Police provided an assist to Mountlake Terrace PD on multiple burglaries.

Jan. 4

8400 block 188th Street Southwest: A theft investigation arrest led to a felony narcotics arrest.

24100 block Highway 99: A purse was left in a store and when the owner returned, the purse was gone.

Jan. 5

16500 block 72nd Avenue West: Identity theft with financial loss was reported.

18200 block 88th Avenue West: Residential burglary reported with damaged windows and door frame. Entry was made but nothing was taken.

8200 block Sierra Drive: A mail theft occurred.

1100 block Main Street: Driver of a vehicle was arrested for a warrant during a traffic stop.

8000 block 218th Street Southwest: A woman and her adult grandson who live together got into a verbal argument.

200 block 4th Avenue North:  A suspect assaulted an officer during investigation of a domestic violence assault.

Jan. 6

600 block Glen Street:  An adult male reported being stabbed in the stomach by an unknown suspect.

7400 block 228th Street Southwest: A window was broken by a small object, possibly a pellet.

Jan. 7

17200 block 72nd Avenue West: Police received a report of diesel fuel stolen from a truck.

20200 block 87th Avenue West: Fraudulent charges were made to a credit card.

21500 block Highway 99: A man was removed from a local business for trespassing.

21900 block Highway 99: A woman was arrested for stealing merchandise from a store.

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