Edmonds School District schools, Edmonds CC closed Tuesday due to unsafe conditions

Snow along Highway 104 leading into Edmonds Monday. (Photo by Cindy Oliveira)

Updated at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday with additional information from the school district on how closures so far have impacted school calendar, cancellation of school board meeting.

As overnight freezing temperatures led to icy roadways, both the Edmonds School District and Edmonds Community College have canceled all classes and activities for Tuesday, Jan. 14.

The Edmonds School Board meeting set for Tuesday night was also canceled.

It marks the second straight day of no classes for the Edmonds School District. Last year, safety concerns related to heavy snow and ice caused the district to close schools for six days between Feb. 4-15.

According to district spokespersons Harmony Weinberg, changes have already been made to the district’s 2019-20 calendar. Now, June 18 is a full day of school and the last day of school has been moved to June 19, and a districtwide early release. May 22, which was originally a non-student/professional development day, is now a school day. To see the full 2019-20 Family and Community Calendar, click here.

Weinberg said district staff will continue to monitor the forecast for the rest of the week and notify families and staff by 6 a.m. on the day of school if schools will close.

“Our district officials spend the early-morning hours driving bus routes and checking the conditions of our school properties before making a decision on delaying or closing that day,” she said. “The safety of our students, family and staff is our top priority when making a decision to delay or close our schools.”

Edmonds CC, which started classes late on Monday but didn’t cancel them, says its closure extends to evening and online classes as well. For the Edmonds School District, the closure means no after-school or athletic activities, including high school sporting events.


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  1. RE: George Boole

    I’ll hazard a guess that the computers used might be located on Campus, and EdCC wouldn’t want their staff to attempt to drive to campus.


    1. It is true that the coming solar cycle will be the lowest in 200 years. It is false that we are heading into an ice age.

      “1970s ice age predictions were predominantly media based. The majority of peer reviewed research at the time predicted warming due to increasing CO2.”

      Solar activity has an extremly small affect on climate when compared to greenhouse warming. https://skepticalscience.com/solar-activity-sunspots-global-warming.htm

      Hence why the planet has been warming even though solar activity has been going down.

      So no, there is no ice age coming, and just because it snows does not mean climate change is a hoax. Weather vs Climate. Perhaps you should attend basic high school classes again.


  2. I love skeptical science blog too. It takes an exponential growth in CO2 to have a linear increase in temp (I passed algebra). The effect CO2 has had is already had. Princeton’s Dr William Happer equates CO2 to red paint on a barn. Two coats dont make the barn twice as red.

    Besides, the earth is near the LOWEST CO2 level in geological history and plants are loving our CO2 emissions.

    Looking at the Leonard Nimoy special I posted, it certainly looked to me to be a consensus from all of the world’s climatologists that the planet was entering an ice age in the late 70’s. I agree though, they were wrong, the planent is getting warmer and it’s awesome.

    Looks like there was no Artic ice just 6,000 years ago so maybe we’ll get to see what the north pole looked like back then. Sweet Baby Jesus had a gas-guzzling SUV maybe.

    I’d go teach this at your HS, but I’m too busy giving masters classes here in MEN forums.


  3. News: Computer models that actually take the sun into account (most models don’t take the sun into account), predict a mini-ice age in 2030.

    The “Little Ice Age” was caused by reduced solar activity 200 years ago (see Maunder Minimum), note before any significant t industrial revolution or CO2 production. There is a near 100% consensus that reduced solar output caused a global cooling period known as the Little Ice Age.

    IMPORTANT… climate science is in it’s infancy. Most of the research that’s been done has been performed during a *warming period*. Of course the planet is getting warmer… the sun has been outputting more for the last 200 years and we’re leaving the “Little Ice Age”.


    1. For those of you more interested in real facts vs. psycho-science

      “The past decade was the hottest ever recorded on the planet, driven by an acceleration of temperature increases in the past five years, according to new data released Wednesday by the U.S. government.”


      It is true however that plants can handle higher CO2 levels than humans can.


  4. More recent research has found that the Arctic ocean hasn’t been ice free for 2.6 million years. The study you provided ended up only being a regional period of ice free conditions.

    The reason temperature doesn’t go expodential with CO2 is because there is a lag affect. THANK GOD

    “Besides, the earth is near the LOWEST CO2 level in geological history and plants are loving our CO2 emissions.” This is very misleading. Ok? so the CO2 is near its lowest, how does that help? The climate reacts to changes it experencices now, not billions of years ago.

    “More CO2 helps plants”. Yeah in a greenhouse where conditions are controlled yes, but in a much more complex planet that argument starts to collapse and break apart.

    Your ice age by 2030 article is wrong. https://www.iflscience.com/environment/mini-ice-age-hoopla-giant-failure-science-communication/



    The little ice age was mainly caused by volcanos

    I suggest you get up to date with the facts, because your lazy skeptic arguments are outdated and don’t add anything to the discussion. Meanwhile, the country down under is burning down. Maybe you should join them in fighting those fires!


    1. “The climate reacts to changes it experencices now, not billions of years ago.”
      If a gravity experiment works the same today as millions of years ago, certainly a CO2 experiment would too. In science it doesn’t matter who or when the experiment is done. 🙂

      More Co2 = More temperature?

      According to google the sun doesn’t affect the climate apparently, but unplugging your charger when not charging your phone does. Were there fires before there were people to fight them?


  5. Here is Professor Valentina Zharkova giving a presentation on the new solar minima to a room full of other scientists who aren’t handling it well.

    @1:13 The specific question of IPCC models is asked, and the Maunder Minimum. She basically says that the Climate scientists can’t demonstrate causality and that “we’ll see who’s right in the next couple years.” She also blasts the pseudo science of actually measuring CO2 via evaporation.

    Climate scientists are in damage control mode, just like when they faked the hockey-stick data.

    Unlike the the IPCC, which makes opposite predictions, minimizing the roll the sun has on the climate, she’s able to qualify her future predictions. She points to Roman Warm Period and to colder periods to draw causality. She’s a scientist.


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