In wake of Initiative 976, lawmakers propose bill to lower car-tab taxes

Sen. Marko Liias
Sen. Derek Stanford

A bill sponsored by 21st District State Sen. Marko Liias would lower car-tab taxes for drivers in the Puget Sound region, our online news partner The Seattle Times reports. The proposal comes shortly after voters approved a tax-slashing measure now being challenged in the courts.

SB 6606 is sponsored by Liias, D-Lynnwood, and nearly a dozen other Democrats including 1st District Sen. Derek Stanford, D-Bothell. It would change the formula used to calculate Sound Transit car-tab taxes, offering a modest break for vehicle owners in areas of King, Snohomish and Pierce counties.

The bill, SB 6606, stops short of the broader cuts proposed by Republicans and included in state Initiative 976, the Tim Eyman-sponsored measure voters approved in November, The Times said. The initiative, now on hold as it is being challenged in court, could repeal or lower Sound Transit taxes.

The 21st District includes parts of Lynnwood and Edmonds while the 1st District includes parts of Mountlake Terrace and Brier.

You can read more in The Times story here.

9 Replies to “In wake of Initiative 976, lawmakers propose bill to lower car-tab taxes”

  1. Using a Blue book format would have worked. All that would have need to be done is use a rate to produce the needed revenue. All cars would have paid a rate that tracked with the value of there car. Progressives may have wanted to tax folks who by new cars more that those who drive older cars. Kind of a tax the rich scheme. Only rich people by new cars and they buy expensive cars. No one will ever discuss or examine that element of the faulty value system but in reality that is what such a plan does.


    1. Somehow I managed to post this in the wrong section – old and and ineptitude…

      Darrol, hmmm… I’m far from rich, and I buy new cars. The last one lasted me 21 years, the one before died after 300,000 tough winter miles in the ski business. My latest is probably the last car I’ll own, given my age. It’s a hybrid plug-in getting up to 80 mpg in local usage – and license taxes are horrendous. It’s also the safest car I’ve ever owned, with all the safety doo-dads.

      Not everyone who buys a new car is rich; some buy them for safety, reliability, and because of environmental issues.


      1. Probably posted right after one of those wonderful pints you enjoy! Yes to all your points. But those who buy a new car, or lease a new car and change it out every 3 years are paying much more than if we used blue book for evaluation. So the super rich like me who only keep a car for 10 years pay more with the current evaluation process than the more fair system of blue book.


  2. It’s going on 3 months since I976 should have been implemented. The thieves in king county and the democrat coherts up there have it tied up in the courts,which is exactly what they wanted. My solution: The rest of the state should refuse to buy tabs. That would be every county outside of king county. The court system would become completely plugged up. The dirty state would loose millions in revenue and then try to
    do something about this.


  3. A quick read of SB 6031 looks pretty good. I would be curious to know what our Olympia representatives have to say about this bill and how it differs from SB 6066. I would reach out to them but the last time I did about a tax question none of our representatives would even respond.


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