Letter to the editor: Happy tree trails to Steve Hatzenbeler


Steve Hatzenbeler retired from Tree Board after eight years and he deserves a wonderful standing ovation for all his hard work.  Yes, he was part of the Tree Board debacle when the “infamous tree code” came forth to the Planning Board and well we all know what happened (poor Tree Board volunteer citizens).

The Tree Board code was eventually changed (code change runs like molasses) and Tree Board Commissioners are no longer responsible for any code crafting or writing. He was instrumental in developing the City Tree identification project and over the years helped new Commissioners understanding the dynamics and “antics of the Tree Board” as one citizen put it recently.

Tree Board life was still a bit challenging (but fun) as the new Tree Board Commissioners worked through the three-year development of the Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP); and we all did various extra credit goals to win Tree City USA Growth Awards four years in a row (hooray). Steve’s edits on the UFMP were meticulous and thoughtful and almost every page had a mark-up edit or comments. His knowledge will be greatly missed and smiles and wit. Happy Tree Trails, Steve.

Diane Buckshnis
Edmonds City Council

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