Letter to the editor: More thoughts on council appointment


With the Position 2 seat left vacant by Mike Nelson, our new mayor, the city looks to fill that position by soliciting applications.

Applicants can share their volunteer experience, previously elected positions, strengths and weaknesses and what their three priorities would be for the city. Applicants will be asked to share what they see their and the council’s role is in our community.  Finally, applicants are asked “what is the greatest challenge” for the city council.

Candidates who run for office are generally asked these questions while on the campaign trail – and if they aren’t they should be.

I suggest those candidates who ran for council positions in this election and came up short as having applied for this position and should be considered first when filling this position in the order of votes received.

With the results being: Nand (5,902), Crank (6,788), White (6,856) and Monroe (6,972), I suggest that the citizens of Edmonds deserve to seat Nathan Monroe for Position 2.

Jeff Scherrer

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  1. I understand the sentiment, but don’t agree with the logic, at all. You have no idea how these candidates would have faired under different campaign opponents, so to simply show their total # of votes as the basis for this choice is illogical. I suppose you think the NFL should just skip the playoffs and whoever has the best in-season record gets to be champion? And what do you mean, “we deserve to seat…”? If you think Nathan Monroe “deserves” the seat, that’s just your opinion. We have to trust that the panel will fairly determine (regardless of previous vote totals) who Edmonds deserves in that seat.


    1. Scott, you nailed it. I don’t believe in True Democracy either. A Caucus is the best way to choose a candidate. There is no run-off in Democracy, there is no compromise. I know Jeff, and I understand his position, but I have no faith in elections at all.


  2. Apparently there is a current system in place determined by legal city code that must be adhered to for making this important decision and that system is that the already elected city council decides. End of story this time around.

    Rather than wasting your time with a letter such as this, at this point in time you would be smarter to write a letter and/or comments advocating a change in the code calling for the system you want for deciding future such vacancies. This is a predictable event and it doesn’t seem like it would be too difficult to change the current code to something like “the top non winner vote recipient from all other most recent city council races gets the open position.” It seems like the current system is a waste of the council’s time, the citizen’s money and ripe for the potential of intrigue, back door decisions, and cronyism on the part of the Council and Mayor.

    Simplicity is a beautiful thing. Perhaps we should try it more often.


    1. If that is the current system, I agree it should be changed. In the future, the top non winner vote recipient should get the open position.


  3. Whatever happened to the ol’ fashioned coin toss…’heads I win, tails you lose’

    …jus’ sayin’


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